Friday, October 24, 2008

every dog has its day..

and khairy sure had his.

the race for umno youth chief have seen khairy slide down the canine scale from being a top dog, to a just mere dog and as things stand at the moment he has become an underdog. its quite possible he will tergolek dog, come umno youth election day.. march, december, whenever. muhiyudin is still not done flaming imam hadhari's ass on that.

son-in-law and trusted aide of imam hadhari, brash and uncultured, very unmalay to bluntly tell off the few thousands of malay/muslim class f contractors to find another job - first imam hadhari's budget speech in parliment and arrogantly announcing that he want to be pm by 40. alien to the umno grassroot and was a nobody in the hierarchy before rocketed to umno stratosphere by virtue of being legally sleeping with imam hadhari daughter.

had his hidden hands on imam hadhari's clueless administration and half-baked policies, which have seen the economy gone to the dogs, rabid hindraf packs roaming wild in the streets and bi-partisan kaum pendatang politicians knocking themselves out snarling and barking boldly at the social contract. who let the dogs out? who, who, who, who, who, who..? everyone sings.

he got to be kidding everyone when he runs for the umno youth chief post on the slogan 'setiakawan', umno youth chief for all malaysian, or something to the effect. what does that mean? does that mean more of his read imam hadhari's pandering to the immigrants, kow-towing x-immigrants across the straits, n keeping up with the liberal joneses of the world?

believe me u there will be vicious feeding frenzy on the social contract then.

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