Friday, February 27, 2009

KJ kono suruh dok ontok..

Hahahahahaha! Karpal suruh KJ dok ontok-ontok macam Pak Mentuo dio, sini.

Mana ke tidak.. bagi Karpal 24 jam untuk tunjuk bukti kalau tidak dipanggil penipu.

Macam la itu buat Kapal mengeletar, malah dia dan geng-geng dia dalam PR semuanya dah memang penipu besar, apa ada hal! Mesti tergolek-golek Karpal anak-beranak dan orang-orang PR ketawa.

Macam nyamok je Karpal kuis Timbalan Ketua Pemuda UMNO ni. Karpal kata KJ tak setaraf dengan dia.

Calun Ketua Pemuda UMNO Mukhriz Mahathir dalam kenyataan akhbar 26hb Febuari 2008, tengok sini, menggesa pihak berkuasa agar menahan dan mendakwa Karpal di bawah Akta Hasutan 1948.

Ha! ini baru cara nak kasi gempak Karpal, kecut teloq dia kalau kena simpan kat dalam makan tanggung, berak cangkung.

Pemuda UMNO sepatutnya bersama-sama Mukhriz menggesa pihak berkuasa mengambil tindakan seperti yang telah disarankan, yang setimpal dengan kurang ajar yang telah ditunjukan Karpal. 

Walaupun dia loyar besar dan dah tentu mengambil langkah-langkah yang perlu untuk dilindungi undang-undang, banyak kenyataan-kenyataan akhbar yang dibuat nya bersempadan dengan menghina Sultan, baca derhaka. Kasi cuba, try, test tengok kalau dakwa si Karpal ni camne?

Kalau sangkut Karpal, mungkin para-para kurang ajar lain yang sedang berleluasa sekarang akan fikir dua kali sebelum nak kurang ajar.

Karpal penipu? Hahahahahaha! Celako kau KJ, pocah perut den!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The antics of Karpal and son

This Karpal is one arrogant s.o.b. 

He once said the Singh in his last name means lion as if to remind everyone don't mess with him, he can take on anyone. The fact that he is a kick-ass lawyer makes him all the more formidable.

He revel at the fact and make a proud show of it, always loud and full of dramatics especially when engaging himself against anything Malay/Muslim. The Malay/Muslim special privileges seems to be the only stumbling block to his DAP Malaysian Malaysia ideal. 

He just cannot deal with the fact that this country is not a barren land before his lot landed here and that the Malay/Muslim are the kingmaker and making themselves king here. 

He already flushed the Malay/Muslim PAS down the toilet when he crudely said.. over my dead body regarding hudud. But the Malay/Muslim UMNO is a different kettle of fish altogether.

It must be especially galling to him, that these seemingly mediocre Malays even with their apparent weakness and unpopularity were able to run rings round the PR ears resulting in the fall of the 10 month old Perak PR government to the BN.

True to form Karpal wanted to sue Sultan Azlan Shah for what seems to be a no brainer decision for the Sultan to make i.e. not dissolving the Perak state assembly. Of coz its not for any legal advantage he has, he has none whatsoever, but more to be a hero testing the limit of what the law can offer and the accompanying brouhaha not to mention the insult he will be inflicting to the Malay Royal Institution would be a big boost to his ego. 

Anwar knows the sensitivity of the Malays and realise it can backfire badly on the PR and balk at providing the sendiwara accompaniment to add to Karpal bangra. As a result Karpal went ballistics hitting out at Anwar and all the PR leadership.

Karpal has really bitten more than he can chew. The Malays are after his ass, there are 100 or so police report against him for insulting the Sultan and he has been abandoned by the PR leadership to pursue the cause alone such that he hesitate, until today he has not file the suit against the Sultan.

Ego bruised and stuck in a tight corner, he tried to deflect the issue to Pemuda UMNO. With great bravado he accused Pemuda UMNO in Parliament earlier today of sending the two bullets he received in an envelope. In lieu of proof he offered the unparliamentary words 'Pemuda UMNO yang celaka'. Karpal know his law enough not to make the accusation outside parliament.

And like a chip off the old block, Karpal son Gobind also in parliament earlier today suggest we have a direct election for the PM post. It really is a snub to the Agong's role in appointing the PM and Nazri responded saying that's bodering on treason or something to the effect.

These people are taking a lot of liberty on their parliamentary immunity touching on sensitive issues. They are getting on a lot of people nerves and there are already bullets..

Karpal and son are lucky that we are a constitutional monarchy today. With the Sultans of the old, their antics would have got them 'sula'ed i.e. have a kris or spear shove up their asses.

Pak Lah..! maybe there's one last kopek before you go.. you should give these jokers free lodging plus 3 square meals a day compliment of His Majesty's government.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Deceit of the PR

This one is a good read on all PR punya trick Jepun, here. Looks like things are going haywire for them.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

No last kopek for Pak Lah

Yesterday I said it would be intresting to see the follow-up on the Labu airport issue here

Well..! Najib has put his foot down on the Labu airport wrangling, read here.

Guess no last kopek for Pak Lah after all..

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pak Lah's last kopeks?

What the duck..! the Labu airport project is still alive and kicking, saw it in TV3 news earlier this evening. 

I guess Tony put up his best kelentong to the power that be, though probably not for long now, for the project to still see the light of day. 

This after all the ravings and rantings from the public and what seems to be Najib's intervention to put an end to the project. It will be interesting to see the follow-up on the issue.

Is this Dollah's last kopeks before he goes, if ever? 

The tough economic conditions must be taking its toll, the son must be badly in need of a project to tide over the hard times, Scomi is going to do the construction or so the story goes.

A brother-in-law already got a fat deal from Mindef here.

IJN..? Hope it stays dead, the privatisation I mean, but with this Labu turn of events we'll never know. 

Heck! with the current going-ons in the country, I wonder if we ever know. 

My Labu poster is up again.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Will Pak Lah ever go?

The story of Pak Lah hanging on to the PM post is beginning to sounds real.

Dr M has sounded an alarm about Pak Lah's 4th floor kids here. He said the 4th floor kids have had the taste of power and will do anything they can to keep Pak Lah in power after March. 

For someone who was power personified for so long Dr M knows what he is talking about. Its all about the seduction of power and what's makes it more irresistible for the 4th floor kids is the seduction of power without the responsibility.

Rocky Bru's said here that the PR will table a motion of confidence in Pak Lah before the March date. While this might make Anwar looking like a flip-flop like Pak Lah due to his September 16 motion of no-confidence in Pak Lah fiasco, it seems to jives with what Hadi said about wanting Pak Lah staying on as PM.

And Pak Lah doesn't look like someone who is going anywhere, a larger-than-life billboard with an image of him and words "appreciating ideas and welcoming viewpoints" from the public read here has become talk of the town, its like he is going to be around to act on it. Now it seems Pak Lah have had several rendezvous with Anwar or so the story goes  here

Things are getting really interesting, it looks like a very well scripted wayang is going on here. 

Anwar have scores to settle with Najib.

Given that politics is the art of the possible, the split in UMNO, the tenacity of Pak Lah trying to hang on to power and the seduction of power minus the responsibility on the 4th floor kids, PR jumping the gun on the March date tabling a motion of confidence in Pak Lah is a gambit they are running on BN ass. 

One can imagine the furious horse trading and leap frogging - like they never leapt before, that ensued. After the dust settled we might be in for our biggest shock yet of what might be the outcome.

There are various permutations, one of it is Pak Lah coming out of it looking pretty. After his current regime that will be like a recurring nightmare.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Minta maaf la yang dinamakan Tuan Guru..

Bila yang dinamakan Tuan Guru ni melatah, nampak ketara sangat.

Selalu yang dinamakan Tuan Guru ni cool orangnya, kalau menegur pun lunak bunyi nya penuh hikmah tapi tepat pada sasaran sampai yang ditegur bak berlari-lari mencari air sebab terasa pedas. 

Pasal kemelut dengan Sultan di Perak pun yang dinamakan Tuan Guru kata dia tak memberi komen pasal isu Sultan. Itu orang arif namanya lebih baik diam dari yang dihambur kata-kata nista. 

Tapi kali ni nampak sangat 'amarah' tu lepas, bak si gembala kambing tertidor lepas seekor kambing dia.

Gamaknya ada satu kelebihan besar bagi BN bila SPR umumkan dua Pilihanraya Kecil akan diadakan pada 7 April, yang mungkin akan meragut kemenangan dari parti yang dinamakan Tuan Guru, sampai yang dinamakan Tuan Guru gabra bak gembala di dalam tu lentok seketika. 

Hingga Eropah dijadikan contoh, mengatakan kalau di Eropah SPR dah tak layak jadi SPR, mungkin betul, tapi kalau saya tak silap SPR diberi masa 60 hari untuk mengadakan pilihanraya sekiranya ada kerusi kosong. Jadi tak ada hal la 7 April yang termasuk dalam 60 hari tu.

Yang dinamakan Tuan Guru seperti mengatakan SPR menyebelahi BN, maka yang bukan dinamakan Tuan Guru, Muhyidin mencelah.. orang Islam dianjurkan baik sangka.

Tapi yang pasti kalau di Eropah yang dinamakan Tuan-Tuan Guru mungkin tak ada peluang nak jadi orang politik. Yang dinamakan Tuan-Tuan Guru orang Eropah diberi satu tempat nama Vatican, maka duduk la mereka di situ, buat kerja mereka, buat fatwa-fatwa mereka dan orang-orang Eropah buat tak dengar.

Di sini yang dinamakan Tuan-Tuan Guru masih didengar, aktif berpolitik. Jadi jangan kira Eropah la, di Eropah lelaki dengan lelaki pun boleh kawin, kita kira sini saja la.

Minta maaf la yang dinamakan Tuan Guru.. saya yang daif ni, yang dah pasti bukan yang dinamakan Tuan Guru cuma bagi komen sikit.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

And the Sultan have spoken..

The situation is rather fluid politically in the country at the moment. 

ADUNs went missing here and there and since nowadays it seems this is the pre-requisite for ADUNs metamorphizing into frogs, everyone is full of anticipation. 

In Kedah, the PKR manage to catch a load of one of its ADUN shit coming their way before it hit the fan. They manage to get the ADUN to resign and bundled him off to a safe hideout in Mumbai someplace. 

In the meantime, they tried to turn their defensive position into an offensive by getting the ADUN to sign a Statuory Declaration saying the BN tried to entice him to be frog. The "best defense is offense" or so some wise guy said.

In Selangor, a PKR ADUN went missing for an uncomfortable period of time - enough for Khalid Ibrahim to call for a meeting read roll-call of all PR ADUNs. The ADUN later said he was in his constituency all the while, and no he was not involved in khalwat as speculated.

All seeming recaltirant PR ADUNs - likely frog candidates, in some form of trouble or other with their leaderships, came out and reaffirmed their non-frog position. But seriously, for Selangor to do a 'Perak', 9 PR ADUNs have to leap frog, seems too many for it to happen.

And the Sultan of Selangor have spoken.. in a carefully but strongly worded statement, he condemned those who insulted Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak and the Malay Rulers Institution. He is good as telling Khalid Ibrahim if Selangor ever do a 'Perak', don't ever get any idea of doing a 'Nizar'.

By the way, tommorrow there will be a gathering in front of the Istana Kayangan to submit a memorandum of support for the Sultan statement, read details here.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Karpal chicken out!

Guess what..? Read this, I m not 2 sure if its true.

If it is, seems Karpal has gone thro his law books with fine tooth comb n now he's really not sure of his case. 

I would guess even if the case present less than 1/2 chances he would proceed to sue anyway, the publicity n the impression he gives on how big his balls r in suing the Sultan is priceless to him win or lose. 

But alas! The Malays r after his ass n Sultan Azlan Shah is not the run-of-the-mill Sultan, he was one of the country's former Lord President, it was Karpal's misfortune that frogs starts leaping in Perak. Now the story is in Selangor an ADUN have gone missing, this usually happens b4 an ADUN metamorphosize into frog, but I m digressing.

Most important Karpal is without the PR 'sendiwara' troupe n leading actor Anwar Ibrahim. The drama they create in this kind situatution to ferment FUD* n shape public perception, heck! probably even the bench, would b a great help. Anwar is that good an actor ok!

So.. Karpal chicken out!

* Fear, Uncertainty n Doubt

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Karpal's foot in mouth disease

The Malays are after Karpal's ass. They want him charge with ISA or be strip of his citizenship.

Numerous police reports have been filed and the police have started investigation and the result will be forwarded to the AG. The AG will determine whether they have a case against Karpal.

Many experts have said the Sultan's discretionary power to dismiss the Perak MB is not contestable in court. If the experts are correct and Karpal insist on suing the Sultan then he is deem to be insulting the Sultan and can be charge.

Karpal has said he wants to sue the Sultan and said he can do it according to the law but he missed the Tuesday dateline. 

Karpal seems hesitant.. he knows he got his foot in his mouth, he's going after the Sultan alone, left high and dry with no cheerleading from his PR gang and the Malays are after his ass.

May be he just need more time to go though his law books with fine tooth comb to be sure of his case.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Karpal blew his top

I was wrong when I wrote earlier that Karpal suing the Sultan is a unlateral DAP decision. Now it is clear that it is a unilateral Karpal decision.

Anwar has come out and said PR will not sue the Sultan. He knows better than to tempt his fate ignoring the sensitivities of the Malays with regards to the Malay Rulers Institution by suing the Sultan. He rather stick to his tried and true modus-operandi creating FUD - fear, uncertainty and doubt, puppeteering the PR rowdies stampede on the streets, giving the finger to royals and desecrating royals website. 

It was the Malays at the fringe of BN, that deserted the BN in the last general election bcoz  'bodo'wism makes them sick, that helped PR won Perak. These are not the PR loyalists, the rowdies or the taksub kind, these are the substantial Malays you would not want to alienate and whose intelligence you would not want to insult. These are the Malays who will be very pissed if their Sultan got insulted. 

As it is, all of Anwar dramatics thus far that culminated in frogs leaping out on the PR which result in the fall of the PR government in Perak have cost him a lot in terms of credibility. If there is a snap election now, the chances for BN is probably even if not better. In the longer term if the new MB really kick asses, Perak is a good as gone for PR.

Karpal is gung-ho about suing the Sultan however a long shot his case. The fact that he got to face the Sultan alone mano e mano, being left high and dry without any support fromm Anwar, the PR and probably the DAP too, really got him seething in anger. He is already facing backlash from the Malays, in keeping to the maxim "do unto others.." some Malay leaders are proposing to look into the grey area of stripping his citizenship for his pursuing the grey area of questioning the Sultan's discretions in dismissing the MB.

The prospect of it all must have been too much for Karpal and he just snapped..  Karpal blew his top! 

Shit really hit the fan, everybody kena, Anwar, PAS, both DAP father and son Lims, DAP top leadership, all..

Saturday, February 7, 2009

karpal's day in court..

we got a constitutional crisis in perak.

the sultan have asked nizar 2 resign n nizar is as good as saying 2 the sultan go fly kite. used 2 b 4 a malay that's a no-no, menderhaka, but these days things r not as cut n dried. the PR street demonstrators giving the finger 2 raja nazrin, that's something else.. i think tuan guru nik aziz ought 2 say something, these r ur PR ppl.

n karpal singh want to sue the sultan. from the look of it its a unilateral DAP decision. anwar have come out n said PR will not sue the sultan. he knows going head 2 head against the malay ruler institution is not a mickey mouse task. 

as it is anwar n PKR seeming hypocracy in the frogs issue have seen a bit of his stock plummetting n the raving n ranting 2 cling 2 power agitating supporters 2 stampedes on the streets disturbing public order will see his stock plummet a bit more. n of coz the lack lustre performance of the constantly politicking PR government, have got the malays - who r really pissed at some of the PR government policies, 2 begin 2 have doubts about whether they vote correctly last march. n the thing that the malays in general have for their rulers, forget the PR rowdies they r not representative of the malays .. nope! anwar is not in the shape to take on the sultan. 

it took dr m months of 'semarak'ing around the country when he took on the malay rulers in the 80s n dr m got the government with him and was at his most popular n powerful n have a really good case against the malay rulers then.

anwar is really stuck between a rock n a hard place at the moment. he got shamed by najib on the frog issue, his 'saiful' court case has proceeded without much fanfare bcoz the frogs n consequent fall of the PR government in perak is a bigger story, n karpal want 2 do him in by suing the sultan. obviously things r not honky dory in PR.

what do karpal care? even if his case is a long shot, he revel at the opportunity 2 give a piece of his mind on the malays n the malay ruler institution, n 2 get a day in court 2 do it, that's where his forte is, is guru nanak send. 

2 understand him we got 2 understand although he has created a niche for himself n lead a good life here, he really despise the fact that he has 2 put up with the system here, from his viewpoint being subservient 2 the 'mediocre' ketuanan of the malays. this about sums up DAPs idea of malaysian malaysia, along the same line of the failed british idea of malayan union.

we can see this from his unnecessary crude reaction regarding anything malay/muslim, eg. he once said "..over my dead body.." when PAS said they want to implement hudud in malaysia. now.. he when can sue just about everybody else, but no! he wants 2 sue the sultan, just 2 show he can do it, 2 spite the malays. there r many other of his 'kurang ajaq' instances.

as far as karpal is concerned 2 hell with the PR government in perak, its already a goner, 2 hell with anwar, he been shouting hoarse about anwar earlier hobby of 'pikat' frogs. it must have really pained him 2 see a malay with miniscule representation in the DUN become MB of perak even as a DAP ngeh-nga stooge. to his mind DAP is ready 2 take on their fimiliar role as a major opposition party in the perak DUN.

what's the problem with the sultan pronouncement? beats me! i m not a lawyer but consider the following:
  1. the sultan is not clueless about the law
  2. the normally confrontational, 2 bn that is, bar council president have said nizar don't have a case n got 2 resign
  3. constitutional expert shad faruqi of uitm said the the point in contention is a grey area but leans towards the sultan
n read this blog n the blogs it refers if u want 2 know more. of coz the PR ppl have their own load of arguments however a long shot. well..! i guess the court is a good place to settle the issue, not the streets.

but karpal wants to sue the sultan?

the last time, sometime in the 80s i think karpal 'kurang ajaq' to a malay ruler got him one tight slap from a guru silat or something that send him reeling to the floor. 

wonder if that guy still around.. 

Thursday, February 5, 2009

some thots..

well.. the fat lady has sings on the PR government in perak.

some interesting thots:

this huge hue n cry over frogs in perak sets me into thinking what if somewhere along the line let's say PAS pull out of the PR coalition, n form a coalition with BN would PAS be considered a party of frogs? if it is not how's that's different from the frogs we have now that have topple the PR government in perak? i see no different.. the 3 frogs want out of their current party n r now a party of bebas frogs in the dewan n want to align themselves with the BN. seems to me all this sudden ostracism of frogs is just self serving talk.

we will see anwar at his best rabble-rousing 100,000 PR loyalists n curious onlookers in a gathering organized as a show of strength n probably as a slight to sultan azlan shah decision not to dissolve the state assembly, if that's really the case he don't know what he is getting into. seems to suit him well, he is loud, crude and hv a flair for the dramatics but thus far got nothing to show result wise as oppose to najib's quiet, unassuming n with much finesse.. but as the PR ppl in perak already learn..  deadly!.

khalid ibrahim watch yr back..!

anwar's bogeyman..

ppl hv put najib's seemingly smooth rise 2 the top more 2 his pedigree than anything else.

the malays hv such reverence n put a premium 2 one's pedigree when electing a leader n najib being tun razak's son has a pedigree second 2 none. that his cousin hishamuddin is a shoo-in 4 umno vp post seems 2 attest 2 this. there r many other instances.

this somewhat obscure the fact that najib is a highly capable minister n has performed well in every ministries he has been in, got an astute sense of judgment betting on dr m when dr m went head 2 head with ku li 4 the umno president post, n sense of timing putting his foot down at right time 2 set a date 2 get pak lah packing in march.

no amount of goading even from the great dr m 2 act b4 that got him moving, that might b a move 2 soon n compromise his position.

probably most obscure is the fact that najib is a master strategist. seems everytime he went head 2 head with anwar, he has always out-maneuvered anwar or at least neutralize his move.

one can recall early in anwar's umno vp career in an effort 2 preempt any rivals threat, he tried 2 pin a khalwat charge with a popular singer on najib but najib brushed it off n came out of it unscathed 2 continue his steady rise. rahim tambychik n few others of coz got buried.

not too long ago, anwar seems 2 hv put najib between a rock n a hard place when raja petra kamarudin comes out with his fantastic statutory declaration implicating najib's wife rosmah in the altantunya case. well.. najib made a gem of a comeback in the form of saiful n got anwar really 'masak'. the court case is due very soon n it seems quite probable the court will b anwar's waterloo. 

it is just plain luck that saiful suddenly appear out of anwar camp singing at the opportune time or najib is 3 or 4 steps ahead of anwar in the game?

n now in perak.. the joyous mood of PR ppl over umno's nasarudin hashim leap frogging their way hv not even died down when 'whaaamm..' the PR ppl don't know what hit them as they watch helplessly 4 frogs leap in the opposite direction, including the first frog, a champion frog this nasarudin hashim. 

a najib has hit them that's what. 

hmm.. can't help but wonder whether  nasarudin leap frog the PR way in the first instance was staged.. probably a nudged 2 get tajol rosli 2 resign the umno state chief position to pave way 4 a najib take over.

if there's ever any doubt, najib hv really drill it in 2 anwar, the PR leadership n everyone else that he is not a 'bodo'wi n is a pm-in-waiting going 4 the pm job 2 stay. 

najib hv become anwar's bogeyman.

watch out for najib's umno..