Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Will Pak Lah ever go?

The story of Pak Lah hanging on to the PM post is beginning to sounds real.

Dr M has sounded an alarm about Pak Lah's 4th floor kids here. He said the 4th floor kids have had the taste of power and will do anything they can to keep Pak Lah in power after March. 

For someone who was power personified for so long Dr M knows what he is talking about. Its all about the seduction of power and what's makes it more irresistible for the 4th floor kids is the seduction of power without the responsibility.

Rocky Bru's said here that the PR will table a motion of confidence in Pak Lah before the March date. While this might make Anwar looking like a flip-flop like Pak Lah due to his September 16 motion of no-confidence in Pak Lah fiasco, it seems to jives with what Hadi said about wanting Pak Lah staying on as PM.

And Pak Lah doesn't look like someone who is going anywhere, a larger-than-life billboard with an image of him and words "appreciating ideas and welcoming viewpoints" from the public read here has become talk of the town, its like he is going to be around to act on it. Now it seems Pak Lah have had several rendezvous with Anwar or so the story goes  here

Things are getting really interesting, it looks like a very well scripted wayang is going on here. 

Anwar have scores to settle with Najib.

Given that politics is the art of the possible, the split in UMNO, the tenacity of Pak Lah trying to hang on to power and the seduction of power minus the responsibility on the 4th floor kids, PR jumping the gun on the March date tabling a motion of confidence in Pak Lah is a gambit they are running on BN ass. 

One can imagine the furious horse trading and leap frogging - like they never leapt before, that ensued. After the dust settled we might be in for our biggest shock yet of what might be the outcome.

There are various permutations, one of it is Pak Lah coming out of it looking pretty. After his current regime that will be like a recurring nightmare.

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