Saturday, February 7, 2009

karpal's day in court..

we got a constitutional crisis in perak.

the sultan have asked nizar 2 resign n nizar is as good as saying 2 the sultan go fly kite. used 2 b 4 a malay that's a no-no, menderhaka, but these days things r not as cut n dried. the PR street demonstrators giving the finger 2 raja nazrin, that's something else.. i think tuan guru nik aziz ought 2 say something, these r ur PR ppl.

n karpal singh want to sue the sultan. from the look of it its a unilateral DAP decision. anwar have come out n said PR will not sue the sultan. he knows going head 2 head against the malay ruler institution is not a mickey mouse task. 

as it is anwar n PKR seeming hypocracy in the frogs issue have seen a bit of his stock plummetting n the raving n ranting 2 cling 2 power agitating supporters 2 stampedes on the streets disturbing public order will see his stock plummet a bit more. n of coz the lack lustre performance of the constantly politicking PR government, have got the malays - who r really pissed at some of the PR government policies, 2 begin 2 have doubts about whether they vote correctly last march. n the thing that the malays in general have for their rulers, forget the PR rowdies they r not representative of the malays .. nope! anwar is not in the shape to take on the sultan. 

it took dr m months of 'semarak'ing around the country when he took on the malay rulers in the 80s n dr m got the government with him and was at his most popular n powerful n have a really good case against the malay rulers then.

anwar is really stuck between a rock n a hard place at the moment. he got shamed by najib on the frog issue, his 'saiful' court case has proceeded without much fanfare bcoz the frogs n consequent fall of the PR government in perak is a bigger story, n karpal want 2 do him in by suing the sultan. obviously things r not honky dory in PR.

what do karpal care? even if his case is a long shot, he revel at the opportunity 2 give a piece of his mind on the malays n the malay ruler institution, n 2 get a day in court 2 do it, that's where his forte is, is guru nanak send. 

2 understand him we got 2 understand although he has created a niche for himself n lead a good life here, he really despise the fact that he has 2 put up with the system here, from his viewpoint being subservient 2 the 'mediocre' ketuanan of the malays. this about sums up DAPs idea of malaysian malaysia, along the same line of the failed british idea of malayan union.

we can see this from his unnecessary crude reaction regarding anything malay/muslim, eg. he once said "..over my dead body.." when PAS said they want to implement hudud in malaysia. now.. he when can sue just about everybody else, but no! he wants 2 sue the sultan, just 2 show he can do it, 2 spite the malays. there r many other of his 'kurang ajaq' instances.

as far as karpal is concerned 2 hell with the PR government in perak, its already a goner, 2 hell with anwar, he been shouting hoarse about anwar earlier hobby of 'pikat' frogs. it must have really pained him 2 see a malay with miniscule representation in the DUN become MB of perak even as a DAP ngeh-nga stooge. to his mind DAP is ready 2 take on their fimiliar role as a major opposition party in the perak DUN.

what's the problem with the sultan pronouncement? beats me! i m not a lawyer but consider the following:
  1. the sultan is not clueless about the law
  2. the normally confrontational, 2 bn that is, bar council president have said nizar don't have a case n got 2 resign
  3. constitutional expert shad faruqi of uitm said the the point in contention is a grey area but leans towards the sultan
n read this blog n the blogs it refers if u want 2 know more. of coz the PR ppl have their own load of arguments however a long shot. well..! i guess the court is a good place to settle the issue, not the streets.

but karpal wants to sue the sultan?

the last time, sometime in the 80s i think karpal 'kurang ajaq' to a malay ruler got him one tight slap from a guru silat or something that send him reeling to the floor. 

wonder if that guy still around.. 

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