Monday, December 29, 2008

happy georgian new year folks!! or is it..?

yes, it is the georgian new year!

it is a much much bigger new year than any other calender new year, such as the hijrah new year, the muslim's new year celebrated a few days ago or the chinese new year that is going to b celebrated in about a month time, for example.

that everyone celebrates themselves silly over the georgian new year just shows the hold western civilisation hv on ppl lives globally. we measure our days, months, years, decades, centuries, millineums according to the georgian calender, else we b out of sync with the rest of the world.

let's face it folks, the world today is helm by the western civilisation. they got to b that bcoz they r more knowledgable, hv better technologies, know how to plant stuffs better, dig stuffs out of the ground better, build stuffs better. they got a lot of say in the going-ons of the world.

in the old days, first helmed by the iberian cousins the portugese n spanish n later the british with few others in between them, they got to b colonists bcoz they built better ships n weapons. they sail the seven seas, claimed native land the world over in the name of their sovereign n plundered its resources. any keris or parang wielding native dissenters will get a taste of their state-of-the-art cannon balls. the natives especially ruling elites were schooled in their 'civilised' western ways n their system of administration were put in place, thus the small matter of the georgian calender.

today the west is helm by the US of A, their better weapons won them the world wars n that gave them n their sidekicks a lot of say in the shaping up of the post-war geo-political landscape. one outcome of which was the grabbing of palestine land n the formation of the state of israel n their continous support for the zionist state.

they come out with stuffs that everypone craved for to live a comfortable civilised lives.. better food, petroleum & minerals, consumer products - cars, tv, computers, etc. they r better at planting it, digging it and building it than anyone else. they drive the global economic engine n there r money to b made by anyone who latched onto the economic value-added chain in whatever capacity n thus beholden to them.

in their capacity, they lord over the economy, top dawg, the one who got to design the operating system, one that make them the most obscene profits, the most 'haves'. those below the chain r just diminishing level of sophistication of sweat shops with correspondingly diminishing profits n 'haves', those who does not figure in the economy at all r 'have nots'.

the outcome of which is an oppressive, unsustainable system, riddled with abuse. it has started to show cracks, spewing big loads of shit that have hit a big big fan n have made the global economic climate stinks..

coming into the georgian new year..

the spectacle of defenseless palestinians being pounded bombs by the israelis with approval of the US of A n the west, bleeds the heart..

the gloomy global economic outlook of 09 n onwards is anticipated with a lot of aprehensions..

not to mention, locally the continued disrespect n political attacking of 'ketuanan melayu' by non-malays political leaders if goes on unabated can be a disaster waiting to happen..

let's hope good sense prevail n we hv a happy georgian new year anyway..!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

selamat tahun baru hijrah!!

*image from someone in friendster

in the name of Allah the Most Beneficient n Most Merciful.

all praise b 2 Allah.. we live 2 see another hijrah new year. 2dy we commemorate the hijrah or migration 1430 years ago, taken by the budding islamic community, a community in great turmoil under prosecution of the jahiliah meccans, lead by prophet muhammad pbuh from mecca 2 medina as commanded by Allah.

it was a strategic retreat 4 survival:
  1. a space 2 regroup - medina
  2. strengthen the already existant but distant ties - with the ansar
  3. capitalizing on opportunities available - help that the ansar n other communities give
  4. learn n apply the art of building n governing a successful community - initially managing a small hodge-podge community, creating an instrument i.e. the charter of madinah, 2 organize the ansar, muhajirin, jews n others communities, provide leadership to enable building a thriving community with 'ketuanan islam'
  5. n finally a return 2 glory - 2 return triumphantly n take over mecca without any resistance
take the 'berkat' of the significant dy 2dy 1430 years ago folks!

if 2dy our life, our community is in turmoil, failed biz venture, bank or worse along after you, failed politics, f$%k-up leaders, whatever, under pressure from all directions.. i guess we got 2 look 4 our medina, find our ansar, capitalize on opportunities that are on offer, take time learn n apply thing learned 2 rebuild our failed whatever, n finally rid ourself of our turmoil self 2 our 'cermerlang, terbilang, gemilang' self, to borrow terms from dolah badawi.

guess in our own way, as an individual, as a nation of malay, as a muslim ummah, as a malaysian citizen, as a member of the human race.. we got 2 do our own hijrah folks..!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry x-mas n happy new year!!

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Merry X-Mas to all the Christian folks!!


A Happy New Year to All!!

what a year.. eh?

when the US sub-prime crisis blew up, a big load of shit has hit a very big fan.. the global economic climate stinks.

the americans probably now know the menace of uncontrolled free market n the necessity of bailing out companies. the high brow ngos of the world such as tranparency international probably now should take a closer look at their own backyard which r not really spick n span, siemen bribery scandal make ours look like peanuts. n take a load of the wall street pak man telo.. don't know what other slimy worms going 2 crawl out of the can..

they probably should start take care of biz at home n practise what they preach n stop being a nuisance 2 us.

brace yourself folks! we r in 4 a one hell of a free falling roller coaster ride whose bottom we know not when.

adieu 2008!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

bombed with cincalok..

folks! i got a bottle of cincalok exploded right in my face last night.

though i m from malacca, i never had a 'thing' for cincalok. heck! i never had a 'thing' for malacca, never spoke the 'ulau belingkau atas pagau' malacca dialect, quite alien 2 some of the things that malaccan r into.

i called lubok cina hometown, a rural town/mukim that is divided between malacca n nogori sembilan n i m from the malacca neck of the woods. 4 us folks here as far as culture, dialect n taste bud goes we r more identified with nogori.

i look at malacca as just a small state run by a so-so chief minister with a penchant for hindustani film, that is in the running 4 a damn serious job. ambitious guy eh? i sit on a snake if he wins. i never had a 'thing' 4 the ruins n the not so spectacular history, from my point of view, that they r presenting 2 tourists. they got no beaches, nature/eco or other destinations of note that gets my attention.

the mediocre beach not 2 far away from my kampung r now littered with severed pig heads n innards. damned those motherf$%kers! they better not get caught, i hate 2 think what will happen 2 them if they do.

anyway, i was on an errand 2 get some groceries at my neighborhood grocery shop when i walked past the shelf where they put the cincalok. i thot it would b good eating especially when garnish with thinly slice shallots, cut cili api n a dash of freshly cut lime juice so i bought a bottle. i said i never had a 'thing' for cincalok, i never said it didn't taste good.

the thot got me drooling n got me encouraged 2 cook 4 dinner an equally good eating beef 'masak lomak cili api', my specialty, as the main dish 2 go with the appetizing cincalok. my wife jumped with joy she didn't have 2 cook. i do that for her from time 2 time especially when i m guilty of something.

cooking's done, table's set, hey! its chow time, except for a small matter of the cincalok. it came in a small bottle with a plastic screw-on cover. i took off the plastic cover n underneath found another cover but this one a crown metal cap, similar 2 the one used on bottled drinks of not 2 long ago, u got 2 use an opener 4 this.

i held the bottle firmly on the table in my kitchen in one hand, my other hand was yanking off the metal cap from the bottle with an opener, my face lowered close 2 the area of operation, when i heard a hissing sound n saw foams starts forming around metal cap, still intact to the bottle n drips of cincalok juice overflowing down the bottle.

b4 i can finished saying cincalok, i heard a loud POP! the metal cap flew off n hit my left cheek, cincalok juice gushed out of the bottle into my face n caused a stinging sensation in my eyes. my hair, face n chest were splattered with cincalok, so were the immediate vicinity of my kitchen including the ceiling. after a quick check on my person, i figure i m ok, except my eyes stings a bit.

the rest of the clan who had just started digging in at the dining area, stopped n rushed towards me not sure whether 2 b alarmed or roll on the floor n laughed their asses off, looking at me covered all over with cincalok. i had a hard time getting the cincalok off my hair n eyes, n the clan had a hard time cleaning up the kitchen.

that thing is dangerous folks, never buy a cincalok with a metal cap on. u got to take off the plastic screw-on cover to check whether the culprit is underneath. the cincalok is from oxl industries sdn bhd, air tawar perak.

they figure they keep the cincalok fresh n lengthen the shelf life with the metal cap on but instead they built a f$%king bomb n its probably sitting on the shelf of most grocery shops all over the country.

man..!! dinner last night was literally a blast.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

the gall of those motherf$%kers..

thought they could loot IJN.

haven't they learned anything.. after being battered black n blue in the last general election? didn't it ever occurred to them that the rakyat r sick n tired of their shenanigans. r they tempting their fate? that's a sure-fire ammo for the opposition to finish them off in the next general election.

is this the 'ketuanan melayu' that we r defending..? F$%K U!!

to the IJN consultants who came out with the statement to refute the main point of those motherf$%kers proposal i.e. money, u guys r the pride of the malays n malaysians.. SYABAS!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

living in dangerous times..

'ketuanan melayu' goes w/o saying even w/o dolah kok lanas or anyone else coining the term.

when the rulers nearly sign this away by way of the malayan union some of the more aware n assertive natives who hv grown weary of being 'nature's weaklings'* fight against it. the british does not force the issue n the malayan union aborted. that's ketuanan melayu in action n acknowledged, got nothing to do with the british sense of fair play or sportmanship.

*swettenham i think made a smug remark about our disposition, smthing about us being nature's gentlemen, he's being diplomatic, i think nature's weakling is more of what he had in mind, him looking at the ease the british imposed themselves here.

the british in their 'sun going to set on the british empire' wisdom know that every dog has its day n they had theirs. its around the time when tuan from far flung places of natives land everywhere r being bundled out n the scene in some cases can b pretty ugly.

they hv lost their sahib title in india primarily due to a weakling of a man, gandhi. their partner in crime the dutch r bundled out gutted wth 'buluh runcing', its been their good fortune that when they divvy up the nusantara spoils with the dutch they choose malaya n north borneo.

they seen that there's a lot of buluh here n how these seemingly docile, nature's weaklings can suddenly go into a murderous frenzy the like of which nothing in the english language can describe, that they adopt the word 'amok'. having their days numbered, baggages to lose - the immigrants, biz interest to protect, they r not going to tempt their fate n make a mess of things. they rather use the time to set the stage for a peaceful, respectable exit.

malayan union was their plan A, their preferred option for exit, the plan had no consideration for the malays whose land n resources they hv plundered. success of the plan rely primarily on their investments in mckk, the eaton of the east, primary objective of which was to whip offsprings of rulers n selected natives into shape, in their mould - an educated, fit n proper gentlemen, set in the british ways n sympathetic to the british cause. brilliant! these r the lot that will b future rulers n those who they will recruit n finally will make up the top echelon of the malayan civil service (mcs). that the natives received a first class education is secondary n a collateral benefit. oo ya..! they know what they r doing, they nearly succeeded, the old boys rulers nearly sign our birth right away.

having aborted plan A, the british go for plan B. now that they have to consider the malays which earlier had slipped their mind, they r not going to talk to any buluh runcing inclined party such as the KMM (kesatuan melayu muda), etc, thus set the stage for, formation of perikatan, merdeka negotiations, the constitution n merdeka, i.e. the birth of malaysia. ketuanan melayu is implicit to the spirit of this birth in the unwritten 'social contract' n explicitly expressed in the constitution in the clauses related to the special rights n priviledges of the malays, thus merdeka becomes a reality. exclusion of these expressions of ketuanan melayu is the failure of malayan union.

a ketuanan melayu that was previously a given, goes without saying, vague, that doesn't do much good to the malays anyway, w/o any clear articulation of what it entails, probably bcoz there's no issue of competing with immigrants with the sophistication accorded by 10,000 yrs of recorded history between them, now hv become a 'constitutional ketuanan melayu' via relevant clauses in the constitution n further elaborated in terms of the discretionary power the malay leaders hv to implement suitable affirmative action policies to improve the malay lot to b on par with the immigrants while at the same time fair to the immigrants, in the social contract. it is a dynamic ketuanan melayu that strives to b a good balance between the extremes of a 'feudal ketuanan melayu' n a malayan union without ketuanan melayu.

ketuanan melayu is a sensitive issue. it is an issue that is rooted deep in the malay psyche (jatidiri). that the seemingly docile malays get together to stand up against the british n malayan union is a testament to this sentiment. in the current volatile political climate, those who make 'ketuanan melayu' an issue will b making it at everyone's risk, as such must be stopped.

in the yrs after merdeka when our first generation of leaders probably due to inertia having been set in the british way, grown elitist and detached, paid scan attention to improving the malay lot, got beaten badly in the general election. it just takes someone from the opposition gloating at their success to utter smthing that remotely touch the ketuanan melayu, like.. melayu balik kampong tanam kacang.. to start the festivities of may 69.

may 69 hangover gone, affirmative action policies such as DEB n institutions to get the malays up to speed were immediately set up, british clone type leaders gone, things were honky dory for a while, the country helm by able even a world class leaders, that run rings round currency speculators ears n taught the world a thing or two about economics. it was not before long incompetent, greedy leaders makes an appearance, making the country their private fiefdom, outsourcing running the country to kin n friends still wet behind the ears, plundering the treasury at will abusing affirmative action policies to enrich their families n coterie of hangers-on, leaving the rakyat peanuts, similarly they grown elitist n detach n they too got beaten badly in the last general election.

lets be clear what is at issue is in the implementation of the social contract - as to the extend of affirmative action needed n the abuses in executing affirmative action policies, not the social contract itself, n definitely not ketuanan melayu.

to contending malays on the other side of the political divide, who hv scores to settle with the current custodian of the ketuanan melayu, the bn, for all its excesses n abuses, like most of us rakyat do, they got a good walloping in the general election didn't they? or rather, god forbid for being left out of their fair share of the excesses and abuses. lets be clear of the issues, don't cheapen the ketuanan, don't burn the mosquito net bcoz u r angry with the mosquito.

to the chua soi leks of the world u r playing with fire!

it seems like de ja vu, the bn/perikatan got beaten, ppl questioning the social contract n ketuanan melayu, dr m out of umno calling for reigning pm to step down, the only thing that hvnt happen is the festivities itself. send chills up the spine..

n in the current edition.., hindraf, 'ketuanan india'?? what gives? may 89 festival anyonne?

we r living in dangerous time folks.. lets everyone sober up!

Friday, December 5, 2008

selamat menyambut eid-ul adha!!

Selamat Hari Raya Eid-ul Adha kpd semua umat Islam!!

Yg memandu balik kampung, berhati-hati d jalan raya.

Monday, December 1, 2008

sms english is here 2 stay..

if it hvnt occur 2 nyone yet.., sms english or bm or chinese or swahili 4 tat matter is here 2 stay.

a quick google on some facts puts global mobile ph % penetration currently @ 50%, africa currently hv da highest % penetration rate, anywhere! n da us is going 4 100% penetration by 2013. this just show da already large community of mobile ph n proportionately sms english users is still growing n growing fast.

da mobile ph is more handy 2 a person than any other media. in an informal context @ least 4 now, ppl b more readily write a sms on da mobile ph than an email on da computer n very much less so write a letter, which hv bcome a dying art. of coz stone tablets of 'ten commandment' fame, pyprus roll, animal hide, silk cloth, etc hv all slipped in2 oblivion along wth da spoken n written form of whatever da language.

just s da stone tablet hv given way 2 pyprus roll, pyprus roll 2 animal hide n so on n so forth.., we hv seen pieces of paper give way 2 emails, it's not 2 outreageous 2 tink smday sms english will b da mainstream written form.

currently tings r in early adopters phase, progressive dictionaries hv start 2 include sms english in their latest publications, if i m nt mistaken countries like australia n nz hv accepted sms english in schools n exams.

nt 2 long dwn da line da 100% penetration in 2013 in da us is significant, da us do watever they please, watever they adopt will b de-facto standard n if it pleases them tat everything b in sms english da world will follow like lemmings. tho its hard 2 imagine contracts n agreements in sms english, we still find smatterings of shakespearean english in those :(

i tink sms english is cool, written da way we talk, more xpressive with da emoticons or watever u call it, save energy, more important it communicates just as well if not better.

if we cnot beat them we join them i say.. :D

Saturday, November 29, 2008

hero filem xxx menyalak..

baru2 ni hero filem xxx chua soi lek menyalak.. ketuanan melayu x relevant.

x cukup tunjuk hero dalam filem xxx, untuk orang umur cam dia memang kow2 dia punya performance, dia nak tunjuk hero lak dalam permainan salak menyalak 'kontrak social' yang popular sekarang d kalangan pemimpin2 kaum pendatang.

depa ni semua nak kena macam kawan aku si dajal buat kat anjing d sekolah aku dulu, hinggap batu solid kat bontot, baru serik gak nya, baru la menyalak jual kain.

aku sebenarnya x citer si dajal tu lempar batu masa anjing tu tengah buat keja xxx :D. nasib baik si dajal tu x de masa chua soi lek tengah buat keja dalam filem tu, aku x bole bayangkan seketul batu hinggap kat bontot dia masa tu, mesti lawak giler :D

orang mca ni pun bodo ke apa? pilih hero filem xxx jadi timbalan president. zaman dolah bodowi ni macam2 hal, jadi bahan belasahan je keistimewaan2 orang melayu..

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the heat is on..

dato liow tiong lai health minister and newly elected mca vp have exercise the clout of his new office by putting the heat on imam hadhari 's ass asking for abolishment of bumiputera 30% equity in public listed companies.

this have been the story of imam hadhari administration, being jerked around by bn component parties especially the chinese based parties with one demand after another regarding the social contract, not to mention the opposition especially dap. often times one would find it difficult to differentiate between dap and these chinese based bn component parties.

dr mahathir is quick to reply in effect saying go fly kite and mukhriz his son and also leading contender for the umno youth head post have also give more or less same kind comment. pesaka a malay ngo have gone extreme asking for the health minister to be sacked.

so far imam hadhari is with his elegant silence. i would suggest to khairy rather than asking mukhriz for a debate, flush your 'setiakawan' slogan down the toilet, let's hear your stand on this.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

tenggelam lagi 'elegant silence' imam hadhari

hari ini tenggelam lagi 'elegant silence' imam hadhari, satu istilah yang dicipta oleh musa hitam, saorang bukan pencinta dr m, tentang sunyi seribu bahasa imam hadhari kepada segala kecaman kecaman dr m terhadapnya.

imam hadhari dalam satu majlis yang disiarkan dalam bulletin utama tv3 hari ini, bising macam tong kosong menyanjung tinggi polisi bioteknologi dan pertaniannya dan mengecam polisi idustrialisasi yang dilihat ditujukan kepada dr m, sebagai ketinggalan zaman. nampak jelas tak 'elegent' kecaman imam hadhari itu, umum tahu kekerdilan imam hadhari berbanding dengan dr m dari segala segi dan dia bercakap tanpa berlandaskan fakta.

apa yang imam hadhari telah hasilkan melalui polisi bioteknologi dan koridor koridor dia yang merata tempat tu.

dalam rantaian nilai tambah bioteknologi, nilai tambah yang paling tinggi ialah r & d yang dilaksanakan bagi menghasilkan harta intelektual dalam membuat ubat ubatan dan lain lain produk bioteknologi. apa yang telah dihasilkan oleh malaysia biotech corp selama ini melainkan perjanjian perjanjian untuk syarikat syarikat malaysia menjadi 'kedai peluh' kepada pemegang pemegang harta intelektual ini. ini bangla pun boleh buat.

kutukan imam hadhari jelas menyerlahkan kekerdilan intelek nya. dr m telah lebih 20 tahun menjadi pm bermula awal 80an dan kalau imam hadhari membaca lebih sikit dia akan tau era dr m melewati hujung era industrialisasi, ke era IT dan awal era bioteknologi.

era industrialisasi di malaysia bermula bila kawasan kawasan perdagangang bebas didirikan di pulau pinang oleh lim chong eu dan peluang yang dilihatnya pada masa itu hanyalah menjadi 'kedai peluh' kepada syarikat syarikat elektronik multi-national yang berpengkalan di singapura. susah nak mencantas singapura dari rantaian nilai tambah pembinaan komponent elektronik syarikat multi-national ini kerana mereka ialah pemain yang dah 'established' dalam industri ini.

adakah imam hadari menidakan kejayaan industri kereta tempatan yang dimulakan dr m. ini sudah tentu bukan industri 'kedai peluh' ala imam hadari atau lim chong eu, sebaliknya industri tempatan yang dipopulasi oleh jurutera jurutera tempatan berkemahiran dalam menghasilkah kereta yang bersaing di dalam industri automotif yang kompetitif.

apa yang nak dibanggakan imam hadhari dengan koridor koridor dia di merata tempat tu yang hanya merupakan pembungkusan semula msc. manakala msc ingin mengambil peluang dari 'ekonomi baru' yang menjadi ciri era IT dengan menjemput pemain pemain global memindahlan operasi mereka dan membuat r & d di malaysia dan mendahului singapura dalam rantaian nilai tambah ekonomi baru ini, di koridor iskandar imam hadari mengambil langkah kebelakang, tak mampu melihat lebih jauh selain dari menjadi 'kedai peluh' singapura.

bersangkutan ini kita telah tengok kerenah singapura, hendak meletakan polis sendiri di koridor iskandar, dsb. sungguh memalukan!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

happy deepavali

To my good buddy Samy and all Hindus, HAPPY DEEPAVALI!!

have some chill pill!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

every dog has its day..

and khairy sure had his.

the race for umno youth chief have seen khairy slide down the canine scale from being a top dog, to a just mere dog and as things stand at the moment he has become an underdog. its quite possible he will tergolek dog, come umno youth election day.. march, december, whenever. muhiyudin is still not done flaming imam hadhari's ass on that.

son-in-law and trusted aide of imam hadhari, brash and uncultured, very unmalay to bluntly tell off the few thousands of malay/muslim class f contractors to find another job - first imam hadhari's budget speech in parliment and arrogantly announcing that he want to be pm by 40. alien to the umno grassroot and was a nobody in the hierarchy before rocketed to umno stratosphere by virtue of being legally sleeping with imam hadhari daughter.

had his hidden hands on imam hadhari's clueless administration and half-baked policies, which have seen the economy gone to the dogs, rabid hindraf packs roaming wild in the streets and bi-partisan kaum pendatang politicians knocking themselves out snarling and barking boldly at the social contract. who let the dogs out? who, who, who, who, who, who..? everyone sings.

he got to be kidding everyone when he runs for the umno youth chief post on the slogan 'setiakawan', umno youth chief for all malaysian, or something to the effect. what does that mean? does that mean more of his read imam hadhari's pandering to the immigrants, kow-towing x-immigrants across the straits, n keeping up with the liberal joneses of the world?

believe me u there will be vicious feeding frenzy on the social contract then.