Sunday, December 28, 2008

selamat tahun baru hijrah!!

*image from someone in friendster

in the name of Allah the Most Beneficient n Most Merciful.

all praise b 2 Allah.. we live 2 see another hijrah new year. 2dy we commemorate the hijrah or migration 1430 years ago, taken by the budding islamic community, a community in great turmoil under prosecution of the jahiliah meccans, lead by prophet muhammad pbuh from mecca 2 medina as commanded by Allah.

it was a strategic retreat 4 survival:
  1. a space 2 regroup - medina
  2. strengthen the already existant but distant ties - with the ansar
  3. capitalizing on opportunities available - help that the ansar n other communities give
  4. learn n apply the art of building n governing a successful community - initially managing a small hodge-podge community, creating an instrument i.e. the charter of madinah, 2 organize the ansar, muhajirin, jews n others communities, provide leadership to enable building a thriving community with 'ketuanan islam'
  5. n finally a return 2 glory - 2 return triumphantly n take over mecca without any resistance
take the 'berkat' of the significant dy 2dy 1430 years ago folks!

if 2dy our life, our community is in turmoil, failed biz venture, bank or worse along after you, failed politics, f$%k-up leaders, whatever, under pressure from all directions.. i guess we got 2 look 4 our medina, find our ansar, capitalize on opportunities that are on offer, take time learn n apply thing learned 2 rebuild our failed whatever, n finally rid ourself of our turmoil self 2 our 'cermerlang, terbilang, gemilang' self, to borrow terms from dolah badawi.

guess in our own way, as an individual, as a nation of malay, as a muslim ummah, as a malaysian citizen, as a member of the human race.. we got 2 do our own hijrah folks..!!

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