Monday, October 19, 2009

Najib's UMNO - Spirited and ready to rumble

Najib's UMNO had arrived folks!

And with guns blazing.. giving PAS a severe walloping in the Bagan Pinang by-election, concluding a highly spirited GA - badly missing in the last couple of GAs, successfullly amending their constitution allowing 140,000 members to vote to elect their top office bearers and sounding out advice to disintegrating BN parters to follow their lead amongst others, to serve notice of their arrival!

It was an UMNO that the Bagan Pinang voters responded to so overwhelmingly, a development seen as UMNO/BN bottoming-out a downtrend of a series of 8 post 12th GE by-election losses to the PR except Batang Air, thus stemming the the PR 12 GE victory momentum.

Bottoming-out a downtrend going on an uptrend

An UMNO of Najib's presidency whose chacteristics he masterly articulates in his inspiring speeches to the delegates during the recent GA that got them really fired-up to RISE-WITH-HIM to get right down to business to face the coming 13th GE. A Facebook friend - a senior member of the Pahang state government, was so fired-up that he wrote on his Facebook wall saying he is proud right down to his marrow to be an UMNO member after listening to Najib's speeches. If this is the general spirit of the UMNO memberships it bodes well for them going forward. It sure looks like the FAT-LADY is not about to sing on UMNO just yet!

Not singing just yet! Or, maybe the singing 
will be on the other side of the divide

An UMNO that came out of the recent GA transformed - spirited and ready to rumble, from the listless and a punching-bag of an UMNO left by Dol-Tidoq. It was a brilliant display of Najib's sedate yet compelling leadership to effect such huge uplifting of spirit. It must scare the sh*t out of the PR leaderships to think that LGE's nonchalant admission of the slight difficulty in dislodging UMNO/BN when talking about Najib's superior leadership of UMNO/BN over Dol-Tidoq's in a recent inteview, may turn out to be their worst possible nightmare. One looks like he's about ready to bail-out.

A notice have been served to the PR!

All that's left now is for Najib and UMNO to put all agendas into operations,  translate all rhetorics into actions and not slip into f**k-ups of old, to execute the notice.

Monday, October 12, 2009

PAS melePAS!

Folks! Isa won big in Bagan Pinang PRK.

Well, the win was expected but to win that big a margin was something else. I thought Isa would just scrapped through given TDM - that's almost all of UMNO, spat with the MIC - Indians, they are the kingmaker and the naturally rebellious young folks - its a phase that young folks go through.

I was of the thinking that since Bagan Pinang was an UMNO strong-hold why not bring in somebody new, not tainted, to unequivocally commit to Najib's clarion call during the last  UMNO GA to 'Berubah or Rebah' from their Fat-Cat, 'Tempolok-First' culture. And in today's World 2.0 UMNO need to change and be seen as changing from their old ways to remain fresh and relevant. I thought the Bagan Pinang PRK presents an opportunity for UMNO to proudly display to their stakeholders their re-invention.

Well, I guess its not such a cut and dried issue. 'Tainted' as Isa is, the people make it known in no uncertain terms that they want Isa and the top leadership endorse their choice, even TDM accepted it and it pays big!!

PAS cannot make political hay of Isa 'tainted'ness. With just about 1 1/2 years that the PR are in power in some states, they have shown that they are about 1 million miles away from a paragon of virtue. In fact if we extrapolate - with some pretty reasonable assumptions, their bullshit and excesses in the 1 1/2 years that they are in power to what they are likely to be capable of if they had the number of years that UMNO are in power, it's damn bloody scary! Just look at their shenanigans in Selangor and the previously Nizar - the puppet, Perak government, especially for the Malays. Penang is already a goner for the Malays. And Nik Aziz is looking more like a mosque siak than a top moollah trying to justify that every of their duck-ups got an ok from Heaven.

Need I said more about Anwar? He's scraping the bottom of his credibility barrel. His kung-fu and silambam with the courts is about done and he got to face whatever is written in the stars for him, like a man. I have advised Saiful in Facebook to be patient, "..takkan lari Anwar dikejar, hilang kabus nampaklah dia.."

MIC? They were wise not to mess around with the 1Malaysia boss, he can really duck them up, Makkal Sakti is just a bit to show what's up his sleeve.  Rocky Bru have it that Sami Velu is going to be history soon, I guess because of the garland of slippers faux-pas on TDM. Najib is not Dol-tidoq that they can jerked around. From the over 2,000 Indian votes only about 400 went to PAS, going by the report I heard. The young? Going by the numbers probably about 70% went to UMNO, I guess they have gone past THE phase.

The big win just shows an endorsement of Najib astute 'People-First' helming of a-mess-of-a-country left by Dol-tidoq. UMNO is bottoming-out and on a gradual uptrend, come the 13th GE PR will be 'Pakatan Rebah' if the UMNO folks don't get over-confident and not start getting any funny ideas of old, and Najib to always have his fingers on the pulse of the rakyat and moderate accordingly. Hey boss! try listen to the vigorous SSS pulse!

Congratulation TS Isa Samad! Ini peluang keduo, salam kono kosong lopeh ni.. Suko den kau hompok PAS!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Bagan Pinang: Sodomites and dhimmis beware!

Read my lips.. Think!

PAS must be getting very desperate in Bagan Pinang such that they got no compunction concorting such a brazen lie, here and making a call for a FALSE jihad, here.

What's got into the mind of these people. That was a seditious and a dangerous call and not an equitable strategy to gain just a few more votes in a mere fu#$ing PRK. Its not like Hadi is going to be the PM or Nik Aziz is going to be the Grand Ayatollah of Malaysia if PAS wins the PRK. So chill you s-holes!

Anwar? Did he really believe he can be PM? Didn't he heard Hadi mocked at the very idea of him being PM? Saying something about "..angan-angan Mat Jenin..". I really think he will be given the lashes if found guilty of sodomy - the evidence against him is airtight going by the grapevines, if those two moolahs got to be PM and Grand Ayatollah of Malaysia. DAP? Well, they will be classified as dhimmis and probably be spared of the lashes unless there are sodomites among them, but some of them will highly likely be stripped of their citizenship and be hounded out of the country.

You folks think PAS is not capable of doing that? They have contorted the verses of the quran out of shape whenever it suits them, so a 'koner baring' U-turn on their Pakatan deal will be no sweat for them, they can do it without batting an eyelid.

After all, they have an array of quranic verses that says they don't need sodomites or a kafir-laknat - that's what they call DAP out of earshot, dhimmis who once said "..Islamic state? Over my dead body.." and have the habit of takebeer instead of takbir, to share ruling with them. Heck! I am not sure if dhimmis are even allowed to rule.

You know folks, PAS got their own justification for their rampant lying and two-timing nature, they called it takiyya. This they got from the Syiah and though they hate the Syiah guts they are a great admirer of their Iranian revolution.

You voters have been warned especially you dhimmis! Now think!

Friday, September 18, 2009



Kepada semua ahli keluarga, sahabat handai termasuk yang di Facebook dan rakan bloggers, ahli-ahli politik kerajaan dan pembangkang, penjawat awam, MACC, bomba, polis dan perajurit yang mentadbir dan menjaga keamanan negara kita Malaysia tercinta ini dan semua pembaca blog yang singgah di blog ini di mana sahaja anda berada!

Kalau memandu di musim perayaan elakan dari menjadi angka statistik, BERHATI-HATI DI JALAN-RAYA.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

MERDEKA! - The 52 years of neglect

Happy MERDEKA folks! Hope its not too late wishing MERDEKA, been really busy!

Or, is it really a happy MERDEKA? Our super slo-mo economy, our carca-marba politics and hosts of other pain in the asses.. As if that's not bad enough the recent head rolling turn of events coming into this MERDEKA really tells us that our communities relations are in the pits. Pig's head had rolled, cow's head had rolled, I shudder to think what kind of head would rolled next.

Let's just hope that the only head that roll the next time is the red snapper head - or kurau or senangin etc, like the one I had buka time yesterday. Naahh! not curry for me, it was smokin' spicy 'masak lomak cili api'. Mama mia! It was sooooo good, quoting my late grandfather.. "sampai becemat selemo kek dinding".

But seriously folks! What do you expect when after 52 year of nationhood you have people calling themselves Warga Bangsa Malaysia making a mockery of that very notion? They cannot even master the basics like sings the Negara-ku or recite the Rukun Negara or even speak Bahasa Malaysia properly, let alone know what being a Warga Bangsa Malaysia entails with regards to clauses in the constitution. Any wonder that some of the causes they fight for, their demands and their actions are bordering on being subversives?

This is a major pain in the ass that have its roots in the vernacular schools. It such a no brainer.. 'Bahasa Menunjukan Bangsa' and it follows that 'Bahasa Malaysia Menunjukan Bangsa Malaysia'. How can people who call themselves Warga Bangsa Malaysia in their formative years learn and absorb the rudiments of their Bangsa Malaysia identity communicating ideas, images and folklores, in the classroom receiving instructions from teachers and mingling among themselves in the canteen or playing in the playground, in languages of Far-Flug-Places. It is just not done..

It makes a mockery of the constitution for the national language to be just mere one of the subjects in schools and not its medium of instructions for all subjects. Scenes from the series 'Mind your language' - imagine the Malay version, would surely be an apt description for a typical Bahasa Melayu class in the vernacular schools. That's what you get from immigrants, not from people whose forefathers came here in their rickety tongkangs around the turn of last century, who had been accepted as citizens, who over the years breeds according the fibonacci sequence and flourished on the bounty of this land.

This language-nation relationship and the influence of a single national school system with the national language as medium of instruction in moulding a united citizenry are so fundamental to the idea of nationhood, it could not have escaped the British - who brought the immigrants here, and the founding fathers when they were delicately engineering the foundation of the nation. Well! for the British at least it didn't! The vernacular schools are not supposed to be around today.

The British built the vernacular schools with the intention that the immigrants when the time comes will go back to where they came from. It was not in the British scheme of things at that time for the immigrants to stay on and be citizens. The vernacular schools were meant to educate and prepare the immigrants for life when they return to their Far-Flung-Places homeland.

Obviously, the situation with the vernacular schools today is not what we bargained for and we sure as hell didn't bargained for the sorry excuse for a Warga Bangsa Malaysia that the vernacular schools curned out. We have let things slips folks! This is a systematic blunder that had been staring and will continue be staring at our face until we snapped out of our - as of this MERDEKA, 52 years denial and correct this blight in our education system.

Well..! There's time to bitch and there's is time to act folks!

The Demi Negara Blogging Community - DNBC, had sounded the clarion call for SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA - SSS, by kicking-off a non-partisan citizens SSS campaign on the eve of May 13th earlier this year.

Since then, the campaign had received overwhelming support, there had been a lot of discussions, it had picked up staunch followings and equally staunch opponents too, namely.. damned! I still can't remember that shortie Wee Deputy Education Minister guy full name, it had created a lot of awareness on the issue among the general public.

The SSS campaign now had reached another milestone, moved up another gear folks! As of 0000 hrs 31st August MERDEKA day DNBC has launched a SSS Portal. The portal is a comprehensive resource on SSS and designed to provide the general public - the silent majority who will make the SSS campaign a success in due time, with details and further clarification on SSS proposal.

Your time to act is NOW folks!

Visit the SSS Portal, read the memorandum to the Minister of Education on SSS proposal, sign the petition urging the government to implement SSS, support DNBC call for a national referendum on SSS, leave comments, join in the discussions or just drop a line to say hi!

Stand-up and be counted folks! Demi Bangsa dan Tanah Air tercinta.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ramadan bits - The starting block habit

I remember..

When I was a kid of 5 or 6 years old at buka time I got this habit, I am sure most have seen it, I called it the starting block habit.

The few seconds countdown to buka time was like being on the starting block of a world championship blue ribband 100 metre dash event. I would have gone past the 'get set', 'ready' stage, my hand would be holding a big koleh of air sirap biji selasih - a mandatory thirst quencher in my family buka time, close to my lips anticipating our kampung mosque muazzin's bang! - rhyme with abang, the call for maghrib prayer that signals buka time.

The picosecond, yes picosecond folks! the muazzin's bang! went - as a comparison Usain 'Insane' Bolt reaction to the starting gun bang! - sounds similar to bank, is in the milliseconds, a slight tilt upwards on the koleh would send the ice-cold sirap biji selasih rushing past my parched lips, into my mouth, down my throat and all the way through the rest of my alimentary canal like water rushing through a bursting dam, giving my bodily system a blissful shock as I bottoms-up the big koleh of ais sirap biji selasih in rapid successions of revenous gulps.

That was the first liquid of the day folks! a big koleh full of ais sirap biji selasih and it taste like kids heaven and the dash to the finish was accompanied by a long satisfied aaaaahhhhhhh..!

Later I was told by my father to buka according to the Rasullulah PBUH way, to have a bite on the dates first, but the starting block habit didn't go away. Now at the 'starting-block' my hand would be holding a date close to my lips instead a of a big koleh of ais sirap biji selasih in anticipation of the muazzin's bang! Hey! I was a kid ok.

I tell you folks..! it might look silly but it was no ordinary feat. As for liquids being bottoms-up goes.. I am sure Ronnie Liu or his chip of the old Gee Hins and Hai Sans ancestor block samsengs cannot 'take beer' and yamseng as quick as I bottoms-up my big koleh of ais sirap biji selasih at buka time.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Selamat berpuasa folks!

The month of fasting has come,
the Emperor’s banner has arrived,
withhold your hand from food,
the spirit’s table
has arrived.

- Rumi

Friday, July 24, 2009

PR Kucing Kuraps On A Hot Tin Roof

Shit have really hit the fan for the PR with Teoh's death.

These days the PR CAT slogan is more apt describing the corrupt CATs - kucing kuraps, that are running the incompetent, unaccountable and opaque administration in Penang, previously Perak and Selangor state governments.

There was the initial customary disorentation as a result of Teoh's death, the what the duck happened stuff, you know.. the clueless mousedeer oblivious to the trap kind of disorientation, as the Malay would called it. They were one supposed to be doing the trapping on the BN remember! Suddenly out of the blue the PR got trapped by their own corrupt kucing kuraps misappropriating funds and associations with the underworld, that became fodder to a power struggle for the Selangor MB post that lead to the MACC investigation and in the course of which Teoh a willing witness or some have it a whistle blower, mysteriously plunged to his death.

Their initial customary drill blaming the MACC, the BN, Najib, Rosmah and everyone else except themselves, crying out for a RCI fizzles out when Najib not only complied with their RCI request but more, a RCI for MACC SOP and an Inquest for the cause of Teoh's death. Najib is not about to play into the PR hands and provides leeway for them to confuse issues, he limits the scope of the RCI.

The Tan-from-Kajang-guy initial public statement that he saw Teoh at 6.00 am on the day of Teoh's death is damning, that makes him the last person to see Teoh alive and that is a serious thing in a sucide investigation. Following that his refusal to give statements to the police after making a police report on the MACC doesn't do any good to PR case either.

The early confusion gone, their bearing returned and it must have dawned on them that the Teoh saga is going to hit them like tumbling bowling pins hit by a bowler's strike and they sure looked like kucing kuraps on a hot tin roof now.

In what seems to be a desperate act of self preservation Tan-from-Kajang-guy finally filed a lawsuit against the MACC for unlawful detention. Must be some funny detention to be allowed to loiter around the pantry and slept on the office couch and of course allow to go home, Tan-from-Kajang-guy made it home didn't he?

It's just some nuisance lawsuit to weigh down the process of justice and to heightened the confusion that already is, while they huddle to come out with more of their scheming and lies to salvage their disastrous fortune or rather misfortune.

Well folks! some semblance of the truth will be out soon, the police investigation is about done and the Inquest on Teoh's death is going to start around next week.

In the meantime, lets just sit back, relax and enjoy the theatrics of the PR Kucing Kuraps On A Hot Tin Roof.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nik Aziz kena pencen sebelum dipencenkan

I'll be damned! Nik Aziz got his ass kicked real bad in Manek Urai!

Manek Urai epitomize the Kelantan boondock where folks believe Nik Aziz can walk on water, literally that is and the malaikats are tripping all over themselves rushing to assist in whatever his endavour. What's more in an all important by-election, in his own backyard some more! An opportunity for him to re-energize his 'aura' that has been on the dim side off-late and show how things are done. And he didn't hold back, firing his Ayah Pin and communist salvo at UMNO amongst others, and his whisper regarding Nasarudin Mat Isa presence in the Manek Urai's campaign must have been heard. Nasarudin the Unity-government champion must be pissing in his pants at the thought of incurring Nik Aziz's and the rest of the local unseen world entities wraths by appearing in the Manek Urai campaign unsanctioned, thus his disappearing act early on.

When it seems it was counter-productive for PAS Manek Urai campaign to be missing their Deputy President, Nasarudin did finally make an appearance. In a press conference he just sat and smiled like a stinking cockle and said nothing and Hadi got do the talking for him, lest some journalist frame a loaded Unity-government question and Nasarudin cannot articulate a solid Nik-Aziz-politically-correct answer, at least that's what it appear to be on TV. It must be one of Nik Aziz terms to sanction Nasarudin to appear in Manek Urai. Hey! He was lord of all he survey around these parts.

The PAS leadership especially Hadi had to humour the increasingly difficult old man that have become an obstacle to PAS moving forward. Nik Aziz after all is the Mursyidul Am of PAS, albeit one whose thought - especially on the Unity-government issue, is in complete collision course with PAS leaderships and the Malay electorate in general. Anyway! they had send out crystal clear messages, if he's not hard on hearing and seeing.. they had snubbed his choice for PAS Deputy President post in the recent PAS muktamar and they don't give two hoots about his opposition to the Unity-government issue and continue to embrace and pursue it.

Well folks! Seems the malaikats deserted Nik Aziz in Manek Urai and his 'aura' continue to dim further. The wali politician oxymoron have become a bona-fide moron for reducing the lofty office of the Mursyidul Am of PAS, getting himself in a position of an embattled politician in danger of being alienated or worse pensioned-off if he still insists on having his way especially on issues regarding the Unity-government.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Nik Aziz 'safaat'

Nik Aziz the wali politician oxymoron wasted no time to rebuild his all important "brand" that was battered recently.

Picture - The brand's image

He was humiliated when PAS leaderships were not amused with him allowing himself to be possessed by a horse saka of Trojan origin and voted his proxy for the PAS Deputy President post Husam Musa out. The episode must have touch a hot button in him.. his branded humble, soft spoken, tears down the cheek 'berdoa' piousness went out of the window and like a man possesed let out a vengeful tirade against UMNO and Nasarudin Mat Isa who kick Husam Musa ass for the PAS deputy president post, telling him to join UMNO.

His composure regained, saw what a complete moron he had became and being the political animal that he really is and realised what better way to rebuild his brand than snatching the initiative as far as UMNO is concerned, but turning the table on Hadi's reconciliatory unity government talk and asking UMNO to a confrontational debate instead. Of course, the rebuilding exercise also included the tried and true, his all fimiliar self-serving holier-than-thou pronouncements, no matter how ridiculous. His latest.. UMNO are followers of Ayah Pin and a communist organization.

Mild by his standard but ridiculous nonetheless, probably part of his rebuilding strategy, nothing too hard for now, or he just got nothing clever to say. At his branded-self best his portfolio amongst others includes UMNO kafir for working with non-Muslims MCA and MIC and the blasphemous 'Allah pun mencarut' to justify a collegue vulgar pu*imak remark.

And UMNO at the receiving end of his self-serving pronouncements almost always could only let out a pathetic whimper in response, heck! some clueless UMNO folks even became his apologist saying he is someone in the know saying things like these. But when PAS decided to work with the Islam-over-my-dead-body kafir laknat DAP, it was just like another day in the office, seems Nik Aziz must have given DAP a 'safaat' of sort. Such is the power of Nik Aziz brand.

Well folks! These looks like nonsense that were happening in the collapsing stages of Islamic empires throughout the ages, when clueless ulamas reign supreme. Their self-serving pronouncements deviated and divided the ummah, their self-indulgence and pre-occupations with their egos were at the expense of the greater interest of the ummah and they soon became so hated that even a person like the kafir laknat Kamal Atartuk were looked upon as a saviour and caused the collapsed Ottoman empire.

And in our neck of the woods, Nik Aziz reign supreme.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Not Sleepy Dol kind of clueless flip-flop

Well folks! It looked like it was a major flip-flop on PAS part with regard to their unity government read Malay unity, proposal.

At a time when the Malay/Muslims are indulging in their perennial favourite pastime - fighting one another silly, hell bent on snuffing the life out of one another with a 'menang jadi abu, kalah jadi arang' passion - a recurring theme that in the past had enabled foreigners to easily drive wedge between contending Malay/Muslims, fragmenting and weakening them, that had seen them stuck in continous cycle of foreign subjagations over much of their 600 odd years of written history; PAS call for unity government was a reprimand to all players in the current hightened political drama that had gone awry for the Malay/Muslims, putting them in danger of succumbing to a more subtle subjagation of today. The puppet PAS-helmed former Perak government was sort of a case in point.

PAS after all is a Malay/Muslim party and knows pretty damn well on which side their bread is buttered and the call was a no-lose situation for PAS whichever way it flipped, or flopped for that matter. It was well received by the Malay/Muslims who are generally sick and tired of the brazen attack on the Malays/Muslims constitutional rights by the non-Malays at their moments of weakness. The battered UMNO.. they prayed hard for it to happen. The episode culminated in the Hadi, Nik Aziz proxy fight for the PAS Deputy President's post in the recent PAS muktamar which Nik Aziz uncharacteristically lost.

It was PAS expressing themselves putting in their proper places Anwar's Torjan horse Husam Musa and his puppet Nik Aziz partnership that had been a thorn in the party's ass off late. Trojan horse and puppet partnerships - not unlike the recent UMNO's KJ and Sleepy Dol partnership, seems to be in vogue these days but PAS had seen the implosion the duo caused UMNO and want to guard against that ever happen to PAS.

Some say Nik Aziz is not a mere politican but a brand, and more.. a revered Tuan Guru and to some folks a wali. All that notwithstanding, it was PAS saying that he had overstretched the respect and influence accorded to him for all his lofty positions seen and unseen, and it was quite unbecoming of him to allow himself to be cluelessly possessed by a horse saka of the Trojan kind, whose master is said to be a back stabber in more ways than sticking a knife on one's back.

To Anwar, antagonist-in-chief of the current post 12th GE heightened political drama, mainly due to his need for an expediated political solution with him as PM, to save his ass from what seems to be a water tight - going by the grapevines, upcoming career-terminating spend-time-in-the-slammer criminal case against him in court; its PAS exorcising his horse saka out of their system and giving a thumping blow to his gambit to get PAS to be a party to his wayang troupe to further hightened the drama politicizing his criminal case to save his sorry ass. Its PAS short of saying.. sorry bro! your ass is grass.

To the non-Malay ingrates, its PAS scaring the shit out of them with the unity government call. A friend joked in response to PAS call the non-Malays will have their own unity thingy.. and called it the 'Liberated Association of National Chinese and Indians Alliance Union' or LANCIAU in short.

To UMNO, they better clean up their act. Its PAS saying they are readying themselves to be the mainstream Malay/Muslim party, else they have to give an arm and a leg to get PAS be in a unity government with them, that is if they even want to be a party to it.

Well! PAS flip-flopped back to their iffy status in the PR coalition for now - but one thing for sure this is not the kind of clueless flip-flop that Sleepy Dol was prone to do when he was PM, the messages have been sent out loud and clear and everyone now know their proper places.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

SSUS - Stand-up and be counted!

Folks! The SSUS campaign lunched by the Demi Negara community on May 12th have been a huge success, thus far!

At a time when Malaysian lifes are shrouded with fear, uncertainty and doubt, infused with divisive politicking that has run totally out of alignment hacking away the very foundation of the nation, SSUS presents an elegant, logical not to mentioned fit-and-proper solution to the question of Unity and the creation of a truly Warga Bangsa Malaysia that made a lot of sense and everyone to sit up and listen.

In just a little bit over a month, SSUS have caught on like wildfire and has outgrown its online abode i.e. blogsphere, later Facebook and made it to the MSM, the newspapers and TV and now to you folks, the public at large.

We have seen closeted racist opportunists raving and ranting threatening police report and legal suit against citizen-bloggers supporting SSUS, thus exposing who they really are. And we have seen some ardent proponents.

We are telling the government to stop dodging the menace of vernacular schools - sweat shops for production of far-flung Bangsas that are parasites to our coverted Warga Bangsa Malaysia, and exterminate the parasites NOW! And we are telling this clueless racist and his likes to cease and desist!

We can talk and talk until the cow comes home folks! Or the similar Kelantanese expression here. But we have talk the talk and now its time to walk the talk. The Demi Negara community have upped the ante, they are putting to you folks a simple YES or NO question to SSUS, to Unity and to a truly Warga Bangsa Malaysia, and don't be distracted and lari from topic.

Here's the deal folks! Stand up and be counted! Support Demi Negara's Call for a National Referendum on Vernacular Schools!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The hoolamaks have spoken!

From day one the hoolamaks were an iffy partner in the coalition led by the guy-with-moral-issues cum former fat-cats leader whose party's rag-tag followings includes, former fat-cats, those from an outdated religious youth organization and others that seems to have crawled out of some worm holes someplace adjourned from their mating or whatever their slimy activites, spellbound by his pied-piper like demagoguery. The other coalition partner is of course the chauvanistic Chinese-singkeh based party whom whenever out of ear-shot they would called kafir-laknat.

The coalition was probably a question of the lesser of two evils, though which is more evil, the fat-cats or the guy-with-moral-issues et al plus the kafir-laknat they are stuck with now is debatable. They can always go it alone like they always do but what swung it for the coalition was the God given opportunity to capitalize on the dumb-ass Sleepy Dol leadership of the fat-cats that had left the fat-cats deliciously good for the whipping for once. The opportunity was there for the pickings and an alternative coalition front going one on one with the fat-cats be-end coalition would be the way to go, no splitting of votes. Hence, the unholy alliance with the guy-with-moral-issues and the kafir-laknat.

And the pickings were good, their loose coalition won big, relatively speaking, in the 12th GE that follow. Celebration's over and the business of being in a coalition ruling several states got going. One got to be in close quaters for this and it reveals each and everyone's warts and all. Acting is very much the guy-with-moral-issues forte, for the hoolamak it was an uneasy, alway looking-over-their-back kind of relationship and the awarkness was quite evident.

Have anyone ever seen any of the top hoolamak leaders walked directly in front of the guy-with-moral-issues at any functions? And risk being stabbed in the back, and that's not the worst that can happen, I bet not! They always keep him at arms length, safely by the side. The hoolamak cannot be too careful, literally or otherwise.

And they soon learn that the Chinese-singkeh are very much of same mould as their sworn enemies through the milleniums, the Jews, give them an inch and they want a yard. The Chinese-singkeh had unscruplously leverage on what little power they newly acquired to the hilt, bullying a confused hoolamak MB of one of the state they ruled to give an unprecedented 999 years land lease to their singkeh kind. Their behinds screwed, not to mentioned the the Sultan who had politely but sternly spoke against the land lease was really pissed at them, the hooolamak were left to maintain a straight face trying to put a believable spin explaining especially to the Malay/Muslim public.

And the sheer vulgarity of the Chinese-singkeh.. whatever their leanings, including those back-stabbing be-end Chinese-singkeh losers, they took the teeny-weeny power shift in their favor as a carte-blache to attack the social contract. These Chinese-singkeh seems to be totally unclear on issues or rather try to confuse the issues. If they want to attack the unrepentent, corrupt fat-cats that's been abusing the implementation of the social contract, hey! wait for me! I would really love to hang those corrupt fat-cats naked upside-down and let loose red ants all over their body. But no! they try to confuse the issues to attack the social contract.

There's no plausible explainations for the Chinese-singkeh to attack the social contract that have been agreed upon by all communities, especially at moments of the Malay/Muslim weakness, but an act of betrayal, shameless opportunism and sheer greed. Confusing issues are how the Chinese-singkeh and their likes, the Jews, etc., outmaneuver victims to handover a yard, and another, and another, and another.. These acts of betrayal, shameless opportunism and sheer greed are causes of turmoil in societies and its eventual collapse that are being told and retold in most holy books.

And the guy-with-moral-issues, well.. is a guy with moral issues. He got a career-terminating do-time-in-the-slammer sodomy case due soon in court and the grapevines have it the case against him is airtight. Time is not on his side, only an expediated political solution with himself as PM, can save his ass. Any wonder his frogs luring activities to forcibly change the government that results in the September 16 fiasco? His savy arraying of the new media, international and local, to ridiculously accuse and relentlessly attack the persons of the newly installed fat-cats PM to tarnish his image and the nation's? And his egging of the Chinese-singkeh attacks on the social contract by saying he is going to eliminate the NEP if he becomes the PM? All are desperate attempts to uncharacteristically hasten the downfall of the fat-cats government, like there is no 13th GE, to save his ass.

All these are not lost on the majority of the hoolamaks, heck! even to Singh-wanabe-king, who gave him a good dressing down for his frogs luring activities. The Chinese-singkeh have shown a glimpse of what they are capable of if sometime in the unfortunate Malay/Muslim future they actually manage to get control of the government and the guy-with-moral-issues have shown that his only interest is to save his sorry ass and has auctioned his soul to those who can help him.. the Chinese-singkeh, foreign elements, etc.

It's not lost on hoolamaks too that after a short respite of 52 years of popular self-rule, albeit by the fat-cats, from their almost 600 years of being stuck in a continous cycle of foreign subjagations, the Malay/Muslims are divided right down the middle, fighting one another to the brink 'menang jadi abu kalah jadi arang' and are in danger of being swept again into a more subtle, sophisticated and vicious subjagations of today, local or foreign.

Perhaps the sorry-ass picture of the future of the Malay/Muslims that jolt the hoolamaks to their senses. Thus when the guy-with-moral-issues's cultivated with tender-loving-care trojan horse, a young ambitious hoolamak, runs for the deputy presidency of the hoolamak flock with the endorsement of the near senile but influential hoolamak head priest in their recent muktamar, the final jigsaw in his strategy puzzle to put the hoolamak flock solidly behind his days-are-numbered ass seems to be neatly in place, but alas! the trojan horse was chased into the wilderness.

There's hope yet for the unity government, read Malay unity. The hoolamaks have spoken! the Chinese-singkeh are scrambling for cover and the guy-with-moral-issues will soon be hung to dry.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Let the show begins!

Wee, what's his full name - its not Weedaharta Hartoyo I am sure or anything of similar sounding lucky for him, the Deputy Minister of Education of Malaysia wants to sue citizen bloggers promoting SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA.

Talk is cheap, Dato' Shamsuddin Nawawi one of the said citizen bloggers have thrown Wee an open challenge to sue.

The likes of Wee, some of the non-Malay politicians across the political divide, have been vehemently touting BANGSA MALAYSIA like true patriots. But their opposition to SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA which calls for a single school system with BAHASA MALAYSIA as the meduim of instruction for all schools in Malaysia, a key ingredient to facilitate racial integration and foster UNITY thus creation of a true BANGSA MALAYSIA, exposed the racists and hypocrites that they are.

WTF is their BANGSA MALAYSIA all about then? Gaining more grounds to take pot shots at the Malay special rights and privileges? So that they can go ya lor.. we are all BANGSA MALAYSIA what, where got Malay, Iban, Kadazan, Chinese, Indians one, where got Malay special rights and privileges? We have seen their rabid attacks on the constitutional providence of the Malays, given a dog chance.

They go gaga over 1Malaysia. At the moment going from 1Malaysia the idea to 1Malaysia the reality is an exercise of staring at one big gaping hole that needs a lot of details to plug out. 1 million people can have 2 or 3 million ideas what they like 1Malaysia the reality to be. The likes of Wee are drooling at the prospect of making 1Malaysia the reality a racists and hypocrites heaven. So now they go 1Malaysia here, there and everywhere hawking their version of free-for-all 1Malaysia.

Wee and the likes of him must be monkey-shocked and squirming like worms expose to heat when confronted with the sheer logic and elegance of SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA in developing a truly BANGSA MALAYSIA. Surely not the sub-standard kind they get segregating students in vernacular schools, who at the first sign of weakness has no qualm of stabbing the back of their benefactor whose generosity they accepted to enable them be fellow citizens of this blessed land. It got to be 1School first before 1Malaysia or whatever, comprande!

And I got news for them.

The true BANGSA MALAYSIA citizens have pounded the war drums of SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA and its getting louder by the day and we are charging forward 'membujur lalu melintang patah' as the Malay proverb puts it, to realise a true BANGSA MALAYSIA in this blessed land of ours.

So come one, come all, no matter what your affiliations are politically, religiously, racially, Man U or Barcelona fans - please God let Barca wins I am tired of Man U fans gloating, CEOs or office boys, whatever.., come join this independent true BANGSA MALAYSIA citizen movement. Read what its all about here, go through some numbers here and sign petition here and if you are into facebook join facebook group here.

Let the show begins..

P/s: My friend SatD thinks Wee should resign, I think so too.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13th Campaign for UNITY

Today is May 13th.

I guess I'll start the day by supporting SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA (SSUS) campaign initiated by some of the otai bloggers rather than remembering too much of the festivities of 1969.

If I remember anything at all.. I was a small kid then, moreover my family was posted overseas at that time, so I was never anywhere near ground zero. But the stories I have heard, the images I have seen and that it happened right here in this beloved country of ours, put the fear of God in me that it'll happen again.

So, its only appropriate for me to do my bit for UNITY today.

I am among those who are of the view that the current segregated school system is a bane to racial integration particularly among primary school children who are at their most impressionable age, thus a bane to UNITY. SSUS is a campaign to overcome the problem, thus is a campaign for UNITY.

Some of you guys may have other ideas, its ok, we are living in a democracy, everbody knows the drill.

To learn more about SSUS, the germination of the idea, the good people who got things moving, the rationale and the memo to be send to Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin the Minister of Education, read Demi Negara blog HERE and SIGN PETITION to the support SSUS HERE.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nizar does not foam in the mouth..

But I guess he just cannot help taking a swipe at the Court of Appeal decision that cut short his MB tenure, the second time around since the 12th GE to a mere 19 hours.

pic - rabid dog foaming in the mouth
(illustration only)

Nizar said the Court of Appeal decision does not take into account the rakyat's wishes, so it must follow that the High Court decision that declare him MB takes into account the rakyat's wishes. Pray tell since when does the court deliberate on the points of what the rakyat wishes or anyone elses for that matter, with regard to facts of the case at hand to come out with a decision. I thought the court deliberate on points of the law.

I can detect there's a bit of a realization on Nizar and I guess that goes for rest of the PR apparatchiks too that the slogan.. the court is not fair does not fly anymore, thus the relatively muted response and lack of foam in Nizar's mouth. Or am I speaking too soon?

One got to be careful with the flip-flopping nature - which is common, of the courts decision these days else one can get caught in embarassing situations like what happen to Anwar here, and we can see that he is a master flip-flop exponent himself. While the original flip-flop has what people in digital electronics call propagation delay flip-flopping from one state to another, Anwar the drama king flip-flops from one act to another without even batting an eyelid, such a natural.

Talking about Anwar, drama and the court.. Anwar will have to put 'an act' of his life in court soon else he'll probably be given a long term starring role in a local reality series of 'Prison Break'.

As for Nizar since you were the one who started the court proceedings in the current political imbroglio lets see it to the end will you, don't be such a sore loser.

What an interesting mess..

Hold your horses Nizar!! 

Zambry got an indefinite stay of execution on the High Court decision declaring Nizar is still MB of Perak. After about 24 hours out of the MB job Zambry is back as Perak MB.

Guess Nizar didn't made it to the audience with the Sultan.

Wonder if Nizar can go to court to ask for a stay of execution for the stay of execution that Zambry got for the High Court decision that declare Nizar is MB of Perak? I am not surprised if he can. There's already suit upon suit upon suit on a single issue.  Of couse one can see that I am no lawyer.

Interesting to see the PR reaction to the Court decision.. eye rolled, foam in the mouth, turn *rabid?

* macam orang kena gila khinzir

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mat Rempits should aim for the sky..

Do the 'cobra' instead of the 'willie', ride on a an engineering marvel of a machine instead of the kapcai.

Take a load of this!!

RMAF has quite number of these Sukhois, the MKM variant. It is said to be the best dog fighter - close aerial combat, in the world. Equipped with a 3D radar the Sukhois nullify the stealth advantage i.e. ability hide and fire missiles from long range the F-35 or whatever US fighter has to offer, and fighting close those US fighters are mince meat!

When Australia was contemplating forward defense read invade, on neighboring countries to stem any Muslim terrorists activities, Dr M cooly said you try the forward defense on us we will give you a bloody nose. That's the last we heard from the Aussie on the issue, they know they will get a hell of a reception in South China Sea from our pilots in one of these machines.

Well! Those were the days when we take no shit from anyone, now it seems we take shit from all-comers.

Anyway! How about it Mat Rempits? You get to 'live fast and die old' in one of these machines. And the babes.. I tell you, you''ll be a babes magnet and not to mention you'll be a person would-be mom-in-law most wanted to meet.

Probably RMAF and the relevant Datuks can start a program to get the Mat Rempits into the spirit, maybe we can get RMAF's kick-ass pilots to be mentors to a group of Mat Rempits and organize some activities or something along that line.

It'll get the Mat Rempits - those still in school or college at least, mind's off their kapcai and start hitting the books and go for the grades. They know they'll need the english, the additional maths, the physics to even think of getting into one of these machines..

Just a lazy Sunday thought!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Kerbau dicucuk hidung..

I'll be damned! 

That's what happened to Sivakumar the ex-Perak DUN Speaker. It seems Ngeh was giving play by play instructions to Sivakumar on how to run the Perak DUN.

".. If you dont want to control, I replace you..!!"

The above are excerpts of text, sms, ?? exchanges between Ngeh and Sivakumar. It was stern warning Ngeh gave to Sivakumar when Sivakumar in one instance I guess balked at Ngeh instructions to control BN representatives speeches in the Perak DUN. 

Read full exposé here and a commentary on the issue here. I'll pay to read Ngeh play by play with Nizar, anyone have it?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"BROTHER" greets "BROTHER" in London

Got the following email message from a friend..

He ain't heavy, he's my brother.

CNN may not have shown this photo. 

TV reporters are too busy focusing on the Queen receiving the VIP guests at Buckingham Palace. 

This was a "touching" Kodak moment outside 10 Downing Street that won't be forgotten by this London cop.

A powerful photo!
Remember the cops on duty are not supposed to shake hands, but the two brothers couldn't resist the historic moment. The black cop never imagined in his wildest dream that he would usher a black American President into the British corridors of power. Nice!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Arguments of Socratic proportion for KJ

I am quite surprise that a no brainer decision such as DS Najib appointing what seems to be a capable and CLEAN cabinet has found arguments of Socratic proportion against it in a series of posts and comments that follow in the euradite Sakmongkol AK47 blog.

Well! In not so many words, Scorates and corruption.. It must rank high in the list of ultimate oxymorons. Dato Sak seems to get totally suckered by KJ's enormous talent and use the full extend of his cerebral AK47 firepower to argue KJ should be in the cabinet NOW. 

He seems oblivious to the fact that KJ was found guilty of corruption and in the politics of these days and age that is an enormous liability, and find it difficult to understand on the balance of KJ's enormous proven liability against his enormous unproven talent, the tilt is on KJ's liability to be factored in DS Najib's decision making. 

Datuk Sak even agreeed at one point what a deft political move by Najib not to include KJ in his cabinet given the scenario but a recurring theme in his posts is TDM as the figure behind the decision.

This is not giving DS Najib a lot of credit, we are talking about a guy who got to be in a position where Ku Li, Musa Hitam, Ghaffar Baba and Anwar Ibrahim never got to be, here. Pak Lah was an exception, its written in the 'Luh Mahfuz' a bozo was to be Najib's predecessor probably as a 'hikmah' for him to take lessons from.

Whether TDM is around or not to make DS Najib's life miserable or otherwise, DS Najib needs a capable and CLEAN cabinet PERIOD and he make the decision for a capable and CLEAN cabinet. 

If anything, TDM and just about a zillion others including yours truly with his 'pistol air' was only pointing out the obvious.

Friday, April 10, 2009

KJ, the cabinet..

The cabinet was announced! Not exactly same old, same old.. but not exactly WOW! either.

It was not a surprise that KJ was not in the line-up. With Najib shouting his lungs out calling for UMNO to transform from its corrupt fat-cat ways, appointing KJ would be like a premature ejaculation. 

But all is not lost, he's young, he got time on his side and he got the parliament and UMNO Youth as platforms to make himself visible. If he is really that good as some people say he is, the fact would not be lost on his skeptics and surely not on the leadership. He can use the time not in the cabinet to rehabilitate his image, his money politics, his spoil brat image. These days the leadership bar has been raised. 

In addition, he can reflect on his left leaning idea wrt UMNO that his FIL was disastrously trying to push, and exmine it in proper perspective and with the benefit of hindsight, to get a better handle of the task to be undertaken. It's delicate job and requires a lot of maturity. The half-baked policies of the last 5 years have imaturity stamped all over it.

In time, if the idea is of any good and the conditions are more opportune, and if he is of any good as a leader and properly prepped to be cabinet-ready, who knows what height he is be able to achieve..

We don't want someone to cluelessly announce to the 30, 40 thousands odd Malay class F contractors to go find another job as if he got all the answers and then flip-flop his way out of it, and becomes a habit of his administration. At the end of it left the country and the Malays in ruins. 

Anyway.. Congratulations! to those appointed to the cabinet. Your PERFORMANCE are under scrutiny, yes there's DS Najib's KPI but more damning will be the RAKYAT's ie. their votes. So get cracking..

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bertemu buku dengan ruas..

Well folks! BN wins the batang and lost the bukits. 

We must remember before Najib's ascension, UMNO was totally demoralized and dangerously disintegrating into oblivion if it continues with its fat-cat ways and the PR was ready to zero-in for the kill. With Najib pushing all the right buttons UMNO came out of the recent GA with somewhat of a renewed hope of being transformed though not entirely, there are still bad-asses in the lower enchelon of the top leadership 'saf'. 

Given the scenario UMNO/BN loss is not too bad, they are hanging in there. A PR loss especially in Bukit Gantang on the other hand would spell disaster for them and would have send their loose coalition's momentum completely in the opposite direction. 

PR might have won but with Najib's ascension their momentum have hit a bit of a drag. In Najib the PR have met a worthy opponent, 'bertemu buku dengan ruas' as the Malay puts it. The momentum the PR build on TUN flip-flop's UMNO is no more.

It will not be lost on PR that there's a swing of Malay voters to UMNO and on UMNO/BN of the still recaltirant Chinese voters. These are as one ancient mariner blogger puts it loose-ends that needs to be tighten up and from now until the 13th GE battle-royal, come any by-election there will be good battles to be fought.

Moving forward, Najib must bring the battle to the PR. He needs to stay on the course of 'berubah or rebah' transformation he sets, appoint a capable and clean cabinet, keep his fingers on the pulse of the rakyat always, do the necessary and deliver.

Let the battle begins!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Important discovery, e = mc2 is nothing..

Tun flip-flop is gone, TDM is back in UMNO fold, Najib is the President of UMNO and PM of this great country's of ours. His 1Malaysia idea sounds kosher, the votings in the 3 by-elections are proceeding smoothly, seems everything's honky dory, hope the people vote wisely and may the best party wins. 

As such I agree with what the The Voice said, here, about the partisan bloggers to be civil with one another and 'agree to disagree'.

Meanwhile, let's take time-out, I'll relate to you folks an important discovery..

A Facebook friend of mine was posting notes on Facebook on those 101 stuffs, you know.. Management 101, Family 101, stuffs like that.

I thought it was good but I thought it would be better if he could post stuffs that are more of my immediate concern at the moment, so I asked if he got something on Wife 101 or Girlfriend 101.

He came back with the stuff below, I had a good laugh.. no! I was rolling on the floor laughing my ass off and I thought I share it with you folks! You just have to appreciate the sheer elegance of the mathematics..

WOMEN 101 - Courtesey of a Facebook friend

Much as I admire the mathematics I don't believe in the conclusion though.. I'll be in real problem without my women.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sireh pulang ke gangang, pinang pulang ke tampuk

Congratulation DS Najib for being appointed the 6th PM of Malaysia!!!

Despite the opposition trying every dirty tricks in the book to stop his ascension, it is DS Najib's DESTINY to ascend to the office of the PM of Malaysia.

A Pahang aristocrat, DS Najib is one of the hereditary Orang Besar Berempat carrying the title Orang Kaya Indra Shahbandar is the eldest son of the Legendary Tun Abdul Razak the country's 2nd PM and nephew of Tun Hussein Onn the country's 3rd PM. He is thus a political blueblood brought up in an environment of leadership and groomed for leadership, and his tour of duty serving 3 PMs in the various cabinet postitions and the UMNO leadership hierachy has horned his andministrative and leadership skills to follow in his father's giant footstep. 

Sireh pulang ke gangang, pinang pulang ke tampuk, is an apt Malay description of DS Najib ascension to the PM office.

There never was a time when just about everyone in the country is so invested in the appointment of a new Prime Minister, for it signals the end of a very destabilising out-of-touch TUN Flip-Flop era. 

For UMNO, its is a God given opportunity to be resusitated from the moral degradation that have made them look like a fat-cats regime out-of-touch with the masses, and winning back all the lost grounds during TUN Flip-Flop era.

For the rakyat folks, a new hope of a clean, professional, hands-on cabinet formed, one that gets real job done like tackling the economics crisis for starters.

For the opposition, their days of them taking pot-shots at UMNO/BN, gnawing at UMNO/BN grounds and UMNO/BN giving them as-good-as walkover in any by-election is over. 

For Nizar, DS Najib is giving all the right signals, looks like UMNO is not about to be minced meat, your DERHAKA ASS is probably going to be grass after all.

For Anwar, you have run out of tricks, your DESTINY awaits you..

Saturday, March 28, 2009

All things must pass..

And I guess for now the current UMNO GA, a watershed of a GA must pass too..

Watershed because the years of unhealthy living has taken its toll and UMNO landed itself in the ICU and this GA is the one-chance-only left to be resuscitated. What comes out of this GA and more importantly the actions that follow carry serious ramifications to the lives of Malays for the generations to come.

In their moments of reflection, their laments or rejoices will carry them back to this watershed GA that sealed their fate. To the choices that the delegates made, to the effectiveness of the YET-TO-BE-FORMED CABINET, bla bla bla! In their laments they will see the Si Kitols who will be the subject of their curse and in their rejoices they will see the heroes who will be the subject of their adulation.

There has been a clear and urgent call for transformation and you delegates have responded but NOT unequivocally, obviously the printed first Agong's head still prevails and there will be clear indictments.

The SUNATULLAH corresponding to your actions is already in force and only a prompt and urgent FOLLOW-UP actions can probably just undo the blight in your actions, so that the rakyat will rejoice intead of lament, adulating the heroes instead of cursing the Si-Kitols , at what will come to pass..

Meanwhile for what it's worth, a piece of my Bapak's reminder to all his children might be of relevance.

Benih bukan sebarang benih
Kalau pandai memupuknya
Akan tumbuh menjadi pohon
Pada batangnya orang bersandar
Pada uratnya orang bersila
Pada rimbunnya orang bernaung

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Congratulations KJ for being elected UMNO Youth Head!!!

And my sincere condolences to UMNO!!!

DS Najib really rallied the troops with his speech opening the UMNO Wanita, Pemuda and Puteri wings assembly yesterday. It was very inspiring and came aptly at a critical juncture when UMNO is still nursing its 12 GE near fatal wounds while the opposition vultures are circling above looking to zero-in for the kill.

It was a call for total transformation. Amongst others, DS Najib conveyed in no uncertain terms the BERUBAH or REBAH urgency of eradicating money politics in UMNO. It lifted the spirit of UMNO masses in hopeful anticipation of a new and transformed UMNO going forward.

And what did the Pemuda delegates in the dewan do..? They voted to REBAH!

DS Najib, you ask for UMNO to give you a leadership 'saf yang ampuh', and the Pemuda delegates gave you talented he may be, a wounded lieutenent in dire need of rehabilitation.

The killing frenzy will now commence, come Bukit Gantang the opposition vultures will surely be having festive kenduris making minced meat of UMNO.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Najib rally the troops.. hinted on Mukhriz



Najib said UMNO MESTI BERANI BERUBAH, read here.

He has hinted on Mukhriz and if delegates close ranks behind Najib and vote accordingly, looks like KJ will have a lot of time in his hand after the GA.

All is not lost KJ, don't sulk for too long! You are young and talented and time is on your side and it will surely come. BUT you must prep yourself well before anyone is going to trust you to shoulder the AMANAH.

Here's what I suggest you do..

Take the time to take stock, loose your spoil brat attitude and spend time with the folks at the kampongs.

Keep your ears and eyes open, take a deep breath of the fresh kampong air, look at the way the folks live, listen to their aspirations, immerse yourself in the culture - you are severely lacking here, mingle with the real hardcore gurkha especially the old timers, they oozes the spirit of THE perjuangan.. soaked everything up!

Oops..! I almost forget, no play-play with kepala Agong, salam mesti kosong ok! And please, please, please.. stay away from any of Najib's daughter.

When you are good and ready, claw your way back up again and make your claim to be in the leadership saf. BUT right now you are a leader whose time is yet to come.

And Nizar..

If Najib gets the BERANI BERUBAH leadership saf he wanted, come Bukit Gantang your derhaka ass is grass.