Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mat Rempits should aim for the sky..

Do the 'cobra' instead of the 'willie', ride on a an engineering marvel of a machine instead of the kapcai.

Take a load of this!!

RMAF has quite number of these Sukhois, the MKM variant. It is said to be the best dog fighter - close aerial combat, in the world. Equipped with a 3D radar the Sukhois nullify the stealth advantage i.e. ability hide and fire missiles from long range the F-35 or whatever US fighter has to offer, and fighting close those US fighters are mince meat!

When Australia was contemplating forward defense read invade, on neighboring countries to stem any Muslim terrorists activities, Dr M cooly said you try the forward defense on us we will give you a bloody nose. That's the last we heard from the Aussie on the issue, they know they will get a hell of a reception in South China Sea from our pilots in one of these machines.

Well! Those were the days when we take no shit from anyone, now it seems we take shit from all-comers.

Anyway! How about it Mat Rempits? You get to 'live fast and die old' in one of these machines. And the babes.. I tell you, you''ll be a babes magnet and not to mention you'll be a person would-be mom-in-law most wanted to meet.

Probably RMAF and the relevant Datuks can start a program to get the Mat Rempits into the spirit, maybe we can get RMAF's kick-ass pilots to be mentors to a group of Mat Rempits and organize some activities or something along that line.

It'll get the Mat Rempits - those still in school or college at least, mind's off their kapcai and start hitting the books and go for the grades. They know they'll need the english, the additional maths, the physics to even think of getting into one of these machines..

Just a lazy Sunday thought!

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