Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What an interesting mess..

Hold your horses Nizar!! 

Zambry got an indefinite stay of execution on the High Court decision declaring Nizar is still MB of Perak. After about 24 hours out of the MB job Zambry is back as Perak MB.

Guess Nizar didn't made it to the audience with the Sultan.

Wonder if Nizar can go to court to ask for a stay of execution for the stay of execution that Zambry got for the High Court decision that declare Nizar is MB of Perak? I am not surprised if he can. There's already suit upon suit upon suit on a single issue.  Of couse one can see that I am no lawyer.

Interesting to see the PR reaction to the Court decision.. eye rolled, foam in the mouth, turn *rabid?

* macam orang kena gila khinzir

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