Monday, May 25, 2009

Let the show begins!

Wee, what's his full name - its not Weedaharta Hartoyo I am sure or anything of similar sounding lucky for him, the Deputy Minister of Education of Malaysia wants to sue citizen bloggers promoting SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA.

Talk is cheap, Dato' Shamsuddin Nawawi one of the said citizen bloggers have thrown Wee an open challenge to sue.

The likes of Wee, some of the non-Malay politicians across the political divide, have been vehemently touting BANGSA MALAYSIA like true patriots. But their opposition to SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA which calls for a single school system with BAHASA MALAYSIA as the meduim of instruction for all schools in Malaysia, a key ingredient to facilitate racial integration and foster UNITY thus creation of a true BANGSA MALAYSIA, exposed the racists and hypocrites that they are.

WTF is their BANGSA MALAYSIA all about then? Gaining more grounds to take pot shots at the Malay special rights and privileges? So that they can go ya lor.. we are all BANGSA MALAYSIA what, where got Malay, Iban, Kadazan, Chinese, Indians one, where got Malay special rights and privileges? We have seen their rabid attacks on the constitutional providence of the Malays, given a dog chance.

They go gaga over 1Malaysia. At the moment going from 1Malaysia the idea to 1Malaysia the reality is an exercise of staring at one big gaping hole that needs a lot of details to plug out. 1 million people can have 2 or 3 million ideas what they like 1Malaysia the reality to be. The likes of Wee are drooling at the prospect of making 1Malaysia the reality a racists and hypocrites heaven. So now they go 1Malaysia here, there and everywhere hawking their version of free-for-all 1Malaysia.

Wee and the likes of him must be monkey-shocked and squirming like worms expose to heat when confronted with the sheer logic and elegance of SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA in developing a truly BANGSA MALAYSIA. Surely not the sub-standard kind they get segregating students in vernacular schools, who at the first sign of weakness has no qualm of stabbing the back of their benefactor whose generosity they accepted to enable them be fellow citizens of this blessed land. It got to be 1School first before 1Malaysia or whatever, comprande!

And I got news for them.

The true BANGSA MALAYSIA citizens have pounded the war drums of SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA and its getting louder by the day and we are charging forward 'membujur lalu melintang patah' as the Malay proverb puts it, to realise a true BANGSA MALAYSIA in this blessed land of ours.

So come one, come all, no matter what your affiliations are politically, religiously, racially, Man U or Barcelona fans - please God let Barca wins I am tired of Man U fans gloating, CEOs or office boys, whatever.., come join this independent true BANGSA MALAYSIA citizen movement. Read what its all about here, go through some numbers here and sign petition here and if you are into facebook join facebook group here.

Let the show begins..

P/s: My friend SatD thinks Wee should resign, I think so too.


  1. While we are looking at it from 1Malaysia point of view, they are looking at it from their political survival....

  2. Ahli politik asyik fikir pasal undi.