Friday, June 12, 2009

The hoolamaks have spoken!

From day one the hoolamaks were an iffy partner in the coalition led by the guy-with-moral-issues cum former fat-cats leader whose party's rag-tag followings includes, former fat-cats, those from an outdated religious youth organization and others that seems to have crawled out of some worm holes someplace adjourned from their mating or whatever their slimy activites, spellbound by his pied-piper like demagoguery. The other coalition partner is of course the chauvanistic Chinese-singkeh based party whom whenever out of ear-shot they would called kafir-laknat.

The coalition was probably a question of the lesser of two evils, though which is more evil, the fat-cats or the guy-with-moral-issues et al plus the kafir-laknat they are stuck with now is debatable. They can always go it alone like they always do but what swung it for the coalition was the God given opportunity to capitalize on the dumb-ass Sleepy Dol leadership of the fat-cats that had left the fat-cats deliciously good for the whipping for once. The opportunity was there for the pickings and an alternative coalition front going one on one with the fat-cats be-end coalition would be the way to go, no splitting of votes. Hence, the unholy alliance with the guy-with-moral-issues and the kafir-laknat.

And the pickings were good, their loose coalition won big, relatively speaking, in the 12th GE that follow. Celebration's over and the business of being in a coalition ruling several states got going. One got to be in close quaters for this and it reveals each and everyone's warts and all. Acting is very much the guy-with-moral-issues forte, for the hoolamak it was an uneasy, alway looking-over-their-back kind of relationship and the awarkness was quite evident.

Have anyone ever seen any of the top hoolamak leaders walked directly in front of the guy-with-moral-issues at any functions? And risk being stabbed in the back, and that's not the worst that can happen, I bet not! They always keep him at arms length, safely by the side. The hoolamak cannot be too careful, literally or otherwise.

And they soon learn that the Chinese-singkeh are very much of same mould as their sworn enemies through the milleniums, the Jews, give them an inch and they want a yard. The Chinese-singkeh had unscruplously leverage on what little power they newly acquired to the hilt, bullying a confused hoolamak MB of one of the state they ruled to give an unprecedented 999 years land lease to their singkeh kind. Their behinds screwed, not to mentioned the the Sultan who had politely but sternly spoke against the land lease was really pissed at them, the hooolamak were left to maintain a straight face trying to put a believable spin explaining especially to the Malay/Muslim public.

And the sheer vulgarity of the Chinese-singkeh.. whatever their leanings, including those back-stabbing be-end Chinese-singkeh losers, they took the teeny-weeny power shift in their favor as a carte-blache to attack the social contract. These Chinese-singkeh seems to be totally unclear on issues or rather try to confuse the issues. If they want to attack the unrepentent, corrupt fat-cats that's been abusing the implementation of the social contract, hey! wait for me! I would really love to hang those corrupt fat-cats naked upside-down and let loose red ants all over their body. But no! they try to confuse the issues to attack the social contract.

There's no plausible explainations for the Chinese-singkeh to attack the social contract that have been agreed upon by all communities, especially at moments of the Malay/Muslim weakness, but an act of betrayal, shameless opportunism and sheer greed. Confusing issues are how the Chinese-singkeh and their likes, the Jews, etc., outmaneuver victims to handover a yard, and another, and another, and another.. These acts of betrayal, shameless opportunism and sheer greed are causes of turmoil in societies and its eventual collapse that are being told and retold in most holy books.

And the guy-with-moral-issues, well.. is a guy with moral issues. He got a career-terminating do-time-in-the-slammer sodomy case due soon in court and the grapevines have it the case against him is airtight. Time is not on his side, only an expediated political solution with himself as PM, can save his ass. Any wonder his frogs luring activities to forcibly change the government that results in the September 16 fiasco? His savy arraying of the new media, international and local, to ridiculously accuse and relentlessly attack the persons of the newly installed fat-cats PM to tarnish his image and the nation's? And his egging of the Chinese-singkeh attacks on the social contract by saying he is going to eliminate the NEP if he becomes the PM? All are desperate attempts to uncharacteristically hasten the downfall of the fat-cats government, like there is no 13th GE, to save his ass.

All these are not lost on the majority of the hoolamaks, heck! even to Singh-wanabe-king, who gave him a good dressing down for his frogs luring activities. The Chinese-singkeh have shown a glimpse of what they are capable of if sometime in the unfortunate Malay/Muslim future they actually manage to get control of the government and the guy-with-moral-issues have shown that his only interest is to save his sorry ass and has auctioned his soul to those who can help him.. the Chinese-singkeh, foreign elements, etc.

It's not lost on hoolamaks too that after a short respite of 52 years of popular self-rule, albeit by the fat-cats, from their almost 600 years of being stuck in a continous cycle of foreign subjagations, the Malay/Muslims are divided right down the middle, fighting one another to the brink 'menang jadi abu kalah jadi arang' and are in danger of being swept again into a more subtle, sophisticated and vicious subjagations of today, local or foreign.

Perhaps the sorry-ass picture of the future of the Malay/Muslims that jolt the hoolamaks to their senses. Thus when the guy-with-moral-issues's cultivated with tender-loving-care trojan horse, a young ambitious hoolamak, runs for the deputy presidency of the hoolamak flock with the endorsement of the near senile but influential hoolamak head priest in their recent muktamar, the final jigsaw in his strategy puzzle to put the hoolamak flock solidly behind his days-are-numbered ass seems to be neatly in place, but alas! the trojan horse was chased into the wilderness.

There's hope yet for the unity government, read Malay unity. The hoolamaks have spoken! the Chinese-singkeh are scrambling for cover and the guy-with-moral-issues will soon be hung to dry.

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