Saturday, June 27, 2009

Not Sleepy Dol kind of clueless flip-flop

Well folks! It looked like it was a major flip-flop on PAS part with regard to their unity government read Malay unity, proposal.

At a time when the Malay/Muslims are indulging in their perennial favourite pastime - fighting one another silly, hell bent on snuffing the life out of one another with a 'menang jadi abu, kalah jadi arang' passion - a recurring theme that in the past had enabled foreigners to easily drive wedge between contending Malay/Muslims, fragmenting and weakening them, that had seen them stuck in continous cycle of foreign subjagations over much of their 600 odd years of written history; PAS call for unity government was a reprimand to all players in the current hightened political drama that had gone awry for the Malay/Muslims, putting them in danger of succumbing to a more subtle subjagation of today. The puppet PAS-helmed former Perak government was sort of a case in point.

PAS after all is a Malay/Muslim party and knows pretty damn well on which side their bread is buttered and the call was a no-lose situation for PAS whichever way it flipped, or flopped for that matter. It was well received by the Malay/Muslims who are generally sick and tired of the brazen attack on the Malays/Muslims constitutional rights by the non-Malays at their moments of weakness. The battered UMNO.. they prayed hard for it to happen. The episode culminated in the Hadi, Nik Aziz proxy fight for the PAS Deputy President's post in the recent PAS muktamar which Nik Aziz uncharacteristically lost.

It was PAS expressing themselves putting in their proper places Anwar's Torjan horse Husam Musa and his puppet Nik Aziz partnership that had been a thorn in the party's ass off late. Trojan horse and puppet partnerships - not unlike the recent UMNO's KJ and Sleepy Dol partnership, seems to be in vogue these days but PAS had seen the implosion the duo caused UMNO and want to guard against that ever happen to PAS.

Some say Nik Aziz is not a mere politican but a brand, and more.. a revered Tuan Guru and to some folks a wali. All that notwithstanding, it was PAS saying that he had overstretched the respect and influence accorded to him for all his lofty positions seen and unseen, and it was quite unbecoming of him to allow himself to be cluelessly possessed by a horse saka of the Trojan kind, whose master is said to be a back stabber in more ways than sticking a knife on one's back.

To Anwar, antagonist-in-chief of the current post 12th GE heightened political drama, mainly due to his need for an expediated political solution with him as PM, to save his ass from what seems to be a water tight - going by the grapevines, upcoming career-terminating spend-time-in-the-slammer criminal case against him in court; its PAS exorcising his horse saka out of their system and giving a thumping blow to his gambit to get PAS to be a party to his wayang troupe to further hightened the drama politicizing his criminal case to save his sorry ass. Its PAS short of saying.. sorry bro! your ass is grass.

To the non-Malay ingrates, its PAS scaring the shit out of them with the unity government call. A friend joked in response to PAS call the non-Malays will have their own unity thingy.. and called it the 'Liberated Association of National Chinese and Indians Alliance Union' or LANCIAU in short.

To UMNO, they better clean up their act. Its PAS saying they are readying themselves to be the mainstream Malay/Muslim party, else they have to give an arm and a leg to get PAS be in a unity government with them, that is if they even want to be a party to it.

Well! PAS flip-flopped back to their iffy status in the PR coalition for now - but one thing for sure this is not the kind of clueless flip-flop that Sleepy Dol was prone to do when he was PM, the messages have been sent out loud and clear and everyone now know their proper places.

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