Monday, June 29, 2009

Nik Aziz 'safaat'

Nik Aziz the wali politician oxymoron wasted no time to rebuild his all important "brand" that was battered recently.

Picture - The brand's image

He was humiliated when PAS leaderships were not amused with him allowing himself to be possessed by a horse saka of Trojan origin and voted his proxy for the PAS Deputy President post Husam Musa out. The episode must have touch a hot button in him.. his branded humble, soft spoken, tears down the cheek 'berdoa' piousness went out of the window and like a man possesed let out a vengeful tirade against UMNO and Nasarudin Mat Isa who kick Husam Musa ass for the PAS deputy president post, telling him to join UMNO.

His composure regained, saw what a complete moron he had became and being the political animal that he really is and realised what better way to rebuild his brand than snatching the initiative as far as UMNO is concerned, but turning the table on Hadi's reconciliatory unity government talk and asking UMNO to a confrontational debate instead. Of course, the rebuilding exercise also included the tried and true, his all fimiliar self-serving holier-than-thou pronouncements, no matter how ridiculous. His latest.. UMNO are followers of Ayah Pin and a communist organization.

Mild by his standard but ridiculous nonetheless, probably part of his rebuilding strategy, nothing too hard for now, or he just got nothing clever to say. At his branded-self best his portfolio amongst others includes UMNO kafir for working with non-Muslims MCA and MIC and the blasphemous 'Allah pun mencarut' to justify a collegue vulgar pu*imak remark.

And UMNO at the receiving end of his self-serving pronouncements almost always could only let out a pathetic whimper in response, heck! some clueless UMNO folks even became his apologist saying he is someone in the know saying things like these. But when PAS decided to work with the Islam-over-my-dead-body kafir laknat DAP, it was just like another day in the office, seems Nik Aziz must have given DAP a 'safaat' of sort. Such is the power of Nik Aziz brand.

Well folks! These looks like nonsense that were happening in the collapsing stages of Islamic empires throughout the ages, when clueless ulamas reign supreme. Their self-serving pronouncements deviated and divided the ummah, their self-indulgence and pre-occupations with their egos were at the expense of the greater interest of the ummah and they soon became so hated that even a person like the kafir laknat Kamal Atartuk were looked upon as a saviour and caused the collapsed Ottoman empire.

And in our neck of the woods, Nik Aziz reign supreme.

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  1. You said it all, Bro.

    Nik Ajis... what a waste.