Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nik Aziz kena pencen sebelum dipencenkan

I'll be damned! Nik Aziz got his ass kicked real bad in Manek Urai!

Manek Urai epitomize the Kelantan boondock where folks believe Nik Aziz can walk on water, literally that is and the malaikats are tripping all over themselves rushing to assist in whatever his endavour. What's more in an all important by-election, in his own backyard some more! An opportunity for him to re-energize his 'aura' that has been on the dim side off-late and show how things are done. And he didn't hold back, firing his Ayah Pin and communist salvo at UMNO amongst others, and his whisper regarding Nasarudin Mat Isa presence in the Manek Urai's campaign must have been heard. Nasarudin the Unity-government champion must be pissing in his pants at the thought of incurring Nik Aziz's and the rest of the local unseen world entities wraths by appearing in the Manek Urai campaign unsanctioned, thus his disappearing act early on.

When it seems it was counter-productive for PAS Manek Urai campaign to be missing their Deputy President, Nasarudin did finally make an appearance. In a press conference he just sat and smiled like a stinking cockle and said nothing and Hadi got do the talking for him, lest some journalist frame a loaded Unity-government question and Nasarudin cannot articulate a solid Nik-Aziz-politically-correct answer, at least that's what it appear to be on TV. It must be one of Nik Aziz terms to sanction Nasarudin to appear in Manek Urai. Hey! He was lord of all he survey around these parts.

The PAS leadership especially Hadi had to humour the increasingly difficult old man that have become an obstacle to PAS moving forward. Nik Aziz after all is the Mursyidul Am of PAS, albeit one whose thought - especially on the Unity-government issue, is in complete collision course with PAS leaderships and the Malay electorate in general. Anyway! they had send out crystal clear messages, if he's not hard on hearing and seeing.. they had snubbed his choice for PAS Deputy President post in the recent PAS muktamar and they don't give two hoots about his opposition to the Unity-government issue and continue to embrace and pursue it.

Well folks! Seems the malaikats deserted Nik Aziz in Manek Urai and his 'aura' continue to dim further. The wali politician oxymoron have become a bona-fide moron for reducing the lofty office of the Mursyidul Am of PAS, getting himself in a position of an embattled politician in danger of being alienated or worse pensioned-off if he still insists on having his way especially on issues regarding the Unity-government.


  1. Salam Unker Wah,

    I just guess you Unker Wah.

    They keep blaming on the promised bridge. Me think, if PAS recognized that the bridge is a necessity, they could simply build the bridge using state budget. However they just assume the fact that it isn't their responsibility, how could that be?

    I guess they are just busy cutting trees.

  2. bro piggy, congratulation! walaupun kalah, good job with your manek urai mu speaks campaign.