Monday, May 25, 2009

Let the show begins!

Wee, what's his full name - its not Weedaharta Hartoyo I am sure or anything of similar sounding lucky for him, the Deputy Minister of Education of Malaysia wants to sue citizen bloggers promoting SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA.

Talk is cheap, Dato' Shamsuddin Nawawi one of the said citizen bloggers have thrown Wee an open challenge to sue.

The likes of Wee, some of the non-Malay politicians across the political divide, have been vehemently touting BANGSA MALAYSIA like true patriots. But their opposition to SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA which calls for a single school system with BAHASA MALAYSIA as the meduim of instruction for all schools in Malaysia, a key ingredient to facilitate racial integration and foster UNITY thus creation of a true BANGSA MALAYSIA, exposed the racists and hypocrites that they are.

WTF is their BANGSA MALAYSIA all about then? Gaining more grounds to take pot shots at the Malay special rights and privileges? So that they can go ya lor.. we are all BANGSA MALAYSIA what, where got Malay, Iban, Kadazan, Chinese, Indians one, where got Malay special rights and privileges? We have seen their rabid attacks on the constitutional providence of the Malays, given a dog chance.

They go gaga over 1Malaysia. At the moment going from 1Malaysia the idea to 1Malaysia the reality is an exercise of staring at one big gaping hole that needs a lot of details to plug out. 1 million people can have 2 or 3 million ideas what they like 1Malaysia the reality to be. The likes of Wee are drooling at the prospect of making 1Malaysia the reality a racists and hypocrites heaven. So now they go 1Malaysia here, there and everywhere hawking their version of free-for-all 1Malaysia.

Wee and the likes of him must be monkey-shocked and squirming like worms expose to heat when confronted with the sheer logic and elegance of SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA in developing a truly BANGSA MALAYSIA. Surely not the sub-standard kind they get segregating students in vernacular schools, who at the first sign of weakness has no qualm of stabbing the back of their benefactor whose generosity they accepted to enable them be fellow citizens of this blessed land. It got to be 1School first before 1Malaysia or whatever, comprande!

And I got news for them.

The true BANGSA MALAYSIA citizens have pounded the war drums of SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA and its getting louder by the day and we are charging forward 'membujur lalu melintang patah' as the Malay proverb puts it, to realise a true BANGSA MALAYSIA in this blessed land of ours.

So come one, come all, no matter what your affiliations are politically, religiously, racially, Man U or Barcelona fans - please God let Barca wins I am tired of Man U fans gloating, CEOs or office boys, whatever.., come join this independent true BANGSA MALAYSIA citizen movement. Read what its all about here, go through some numbers here and sign petition here and if you are into facebook join facebook group here.

Let the show begins..

P/s: My friend SatD thinks Wee should resign, I think so too.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13th Campaign for UNITY

Today is May 13th.

I guess I'll start the day by supporting SATU SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA (SSUS) campaign initiated by some of the otai bloggers rather than remembering too much of the festivities of 1969.

If I remember anything at all.. I was a small kid then, moreover my family was posted overseas at that time, so I was never anywhere near ground zero. But the stories I have heard, the images I have seen and that it happened right here in this beloved country of ours, put the fear of God in me that it'll happen again.

So, its only appropriate for me to do my bit for UNITY today.

I am among those who are of the view that the current segregated school system is a bane to racial integration particularly among primary school children who are at their most impressionable age, thus a bane to UNITY. SSUS is a campaign to overcome the problem, thus is a campaign for UNITY.

Some of you guys may have other ideas, its ok, we are living in a democracy, everbody knows the drill.

To learn more about SSUS, the germination of the idea, the good people who got things moving, the rationale and the memo to be send to Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin the Minister of Education, read Demi Negara blog HERE and SIGN PETITION to the support SSUS HERE.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nizar does not foam in the mouth..

But I guess he just cannot help taking a swipe at the Court of Appeal decision that cut short his MB tenure, the second time around since the 12th GE to a mere 19 hours.

pic - rabid dog foaming in the mouth
(illustration only)

Nizar said the Court of Appeal decision does not take into account the rakyat's wishes, so it must follow that the High Court decision that declare him MB takes into account the rakyat's wishes. Pray tell since when does the court deliberate on the points of what the rakyat wishes or anyone elses for that matter, with regard to facts of the case at hand to come out with a decision. I thought the court deliberate on points of the law.

I can detect there's a bit of a realization on Nizar and I guess that goes for rest of the PR apparatchiks too that the slogan.. the court is not fair does not fly anymore, thus the relatively muted response and lack of foam in Nizar's mouth. Or am I speaking too soon?

One got to be careful with the flip-flopping nature - which is common, of the courts decision these days else one can get caught in embarassing situations like what happen to Anwar here, and we can see that he is a master flip-flop exponent himself. While the original flip-flop has what people in digital electronics call propagation delay flip-flopping from one state to another, Anwar the drama king flip-flops from one act to another without even batting an eyelid, such a natural.

Talking about Anwar, drama and the court.. Anwar will have to put 'an act' of his life in court soon else he'll probably be given a long term starring role in a local reality series of 'Prison Break'.

As for Nizar since you were the one who started the court proceedings in the current political imbroglio lets see it to the end will you, don't be such a sore loser.

What an interesting mess..

Hold your horses Nizar!! 

Zambry got an indefinite stay of execution on the High Court decision declaring Nizar is still MB of Perak. After about 24 hours out of the MB job Zambry is back as Perak MB.

Guess Nizar didn't made it to the audience with the Sultan.

Wonder if Nizar can go to court to ask for a stay of execution for the stay of execution that Zambry got for the High Court decision that declare Nizar is MB of Perak? I am not surprised if he can. There's already suit upon suit upon suit on a single issue.  Of couse one can see that I am no lawyer.

Interesting to see the PR reaction to the Court decision.. eye rolled, foam in the mouth, turn *rabid?

* macam orang kena gila khinzir

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mat Rempits should aim for the sky..

Do the 'cobra' instead of the 'willie', ride on a an engineering marvel of a machine instead of the kapcai.

Take a load of this!!

RMAF has quite number of these Sukhois, the MKM variant. It is said to be the best dog fighter - close aerial combat, in the world. Equipped with a 3D radar the Sukhois nullify the stealth advantage i.e. ability hide and fire missiles from long range the F-35 or whatever US fighter has to offer, and fighting close those US fighters are mince meat!

When Australia was contemplating forward defense read invade, on neighboring countries to stem any Muslim terrorists activities, Dr M cooly said you try the forward defense on us we will give you a bloody nose. That's the last we heard from the Aussie on the issue, they know they will get a hell of a reception in South China Sea from our pilots in one of these machines.

Well! Those were the days when we take no shit from anyone, now it seems we take shit from all-comers.

Anyway! How about it Mat Rempits? You get to 'live fast and die old' in one of these machines. And the babes.. I tell you, you''ll be a babes magnet and not to mention you'll be a person would-be mom-in-law most wanted to meet.

Probably RMAF and the relevant Datuks can start a program to get the Mat Rempits into the spirit, maybe we can get RMAF's kick-ass pilots to be mentors to a group of Mat Rempits and organize some activities or something along that line.

It'll get the Mat Rempits - those still in school or college at least, mind's off their kapcai and start hitting the books and go for the grades. They know they'll need the english, the additional maths, the physics to even think of getting into one of these machines..

Just a lazy Sunday thought!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Kerbau dicucuk hidung..

I'll be damned! 

That's what happened to Sivakumar the ex-Perak DUN Speaker. It seems Ngeh was giving play by play instructions to Sivakumar on how to run the Perak DUN.

".. If you dont want to control, I replace you..!!"

The above are excerpts of text, sms, ?? exchanges between Ngeh and Sivakumar. It was stern warning Ngeh gave to Sivakumar when Sivakumar in one instance I guess balked at Ngeh instructions to control BN representatives speeches in the Perak DUN. 

Read full exposé here and a commentary on the issue here. I'll pay to read Ngeh play by play with Nizar, anyone have it?