Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nizar does not foam in the mouth..

But I guess he just cannot help taking a swipe at the Court of Appeal decision that cut short his MB tenure, the second time around since the 12th GE to a mere 19 hours.

pic - rabid dog foaming in the mouth
(illustration only)

Nizar said the Court of Appeal decision does not take into account the rakyat's wishes, so it must follow that the High Court decision that declare him MB takes into account the rakyat's wishes. Pray tell since when does the court deliberate on the points of what the rakyat wishes or anyone elses for that matter, with regard to facts of the case at hand to come out with a decision. I thought the court deliberate on points of the law.

I can detect there's a bit of a realization on Nizar and I guess that goes for rest of the PR apparatchiks too that the slogan.. the court is not fair does not fly anymore, thus the relatively muted response and lack of foam in Nizar's mouth. Or am I speaking too soon?

One got to be careful with the flip-flopping nature - which is common, of the courts decision these days else one can get caught in embarassing situations like what happen to Anwar here, and we can see that he is a master flip-flop exponent himself. While the original flip-flop has what people in digital electronics call propagation delay flip-flopping from one state to another, Anwar the drama king flip-flops from one act to another without even batting an eyelid, such a natural.

Talking about Anwar, drama and the court.. Anwar will have to put 'an act' of his life in court soon else he'll probably be given a long term starring role in a local reality series of 'Prison Break'.

As for Nizar since you were the one who started the court proceedings in the current political imbroglio lets see it to the end will you, don't be such a sore loser.

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