Friday, May 8, 2009

Kerbau dicucuk hidung..

I'll be damned! 

That's what happened to Sivakumar the ex-Perak DUN Speaker. It seems Ngeh was giving play by play instructions to Sivakumar on how to run the Perak DUN.

".. If you dont want to control, I replace you..!!"

The above are excerpts of text, sms, ?? exchanges between Ngeh and Sivakumar. It was stern warning Ngeh gave to Sivakumar when Sivakumar in one instance I guess balked at Ngeh instructions to control BN representatives speeches in the Perak DUN. 

Read full exposé here and a commentary on the issue here. I'll pay to read Ngeh play by play with Nizar, anyone have it?

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