Saturday, March 28, 2009

All things must pass..

And I guess for now the current UMNO GA, a watershed of a GA must pass too..

Watershed because the years of unhealthy living has taken its toll and UMNO landed itself in the ICU and this GA is the one-chance-only left to be resuscitated. What comes out of this GA and more importantly the actions that follow carry serious ramifications to the lives of Malays for the generations to come.

In their moments of reflection, their laments or rejoices will carry them back to this watershed GA that sealed their fate. To the choices that the delegates made, to the effectiveness of the YET-TO-BE-FORMED CABINET, bla bla bla! In their laments they will see the Si Kitols who will be the subject of their curse and in their rejoices they will see the heroes who will be the subject of their adulation.

There has been a clear and urgent call for transformation and you delegates have responded but NOT unequivocally, obviously the printed first Agong's head still prevails and there will be clear indictments.

The SUNATULLAH corresponding to your actions is already in force and only a prompt and urgent FOLLOW-UP actions can probably just undo the blight in your actions, so that the rakyat will rejoice intead of lament, adulating the heroes instead of cursing the Si-Kitols , at what will come to pass..

Meanwhile for what it's worth, a piece of my Bapak's reminder to all his children might be of relevance.

Benih bukan sebarang benih
Kalau pandai memupuknya
Akan tumbuh menjadi pohon
Pada batangnya orang bersandar
Pada uratnya orang bersila
Pada rimbunnya orang bernaung

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Congratulations KJ for being elected UMNO Youth Head!!!

And my sincere condolences to UMNO!!!

DS Najib really rallied the troops with his speech opening the UMNO Wanita, Pemuda and Puteri wings assembly yesterday. It was very inspiring and came aptly at a critical juncture when UMNO is still nursing its 12 GE near fatal wounds while the opposition vultures are circling above looking to zero-in for the kill.

It was a call for total transformation. Amongst others, DS Najib conveyed in no uncertain terms the BERUBAH or REBAH urgency of eradicating money politics in UMNO. It lifted the spirit of UMNO masses in hopeful anticipation of a new and transformed UMNO going forward.

And what did the Pemuda delegates in the dewan do..? They voted to REBAH!

DS Najib, you ask for UMNO to give you a leadership 'saf yang ampuh', and the Pemuda delegates gave you talented he may be, a wounded lieutenent in dire need of rehabilitation.

The killing frenzy will now commence, come Bukit Gantang the opposition vultures will surely be having festive kenduris making minced meat of UMNO.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Najib rally the troops.. hinted on Mukhriz



Najib said UMNO MESTI BERANI BERUBAH, read here.

He has hinted on Mukhriz and if delegates close ranks behind Najib and vote accordingly, looks like KJ will have a lot of time in his hand after the GA.

All is not lost KJ, don't sulk for too long! You are young and talented and time is on your side and it will surely come. BUT you must prep yourself well before anyone is going to trust you to shoulder the AMANAH.

Here's what I suggest you do..

Take the time to take stock, loose your spoil brat attitude and spend time with the folks at the kampongs.

Keep your ears and eyes open, take a deep breath of the fresh kampong air, look at the way the folks live, listen to their aspirations, immerse yourself in the culture - you are severely lacking here, mingle with the real hardcore gurkha especially the old timers, they oozes the spirit of THE perjuangan.. soaked everything up!

Oops..! I almost forget, no play-play with kepala Agong, salam mesti kosong ok! And please, please, please.. stay away from any of Najib's daughter.

When you are good and ready, claw your way back up again and make your claim to be in the leadership saf. BUT right now you are a leader whose time is yet to come.

And Nizar..

If Najib gets the BERANI BERUBAH leadership saf he wanted, come Bukit Gantang your derhaka ass is grass.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Council of elders, hmm.. there's a nice ring to it.

A delegate to the UMNO GA next week will be tabling a resolution to appoint Tun Dr Mahathir and Tun Dain Zainudin as advisers to the party and government, thus a formation of a council of elders of sort. Read unpublished NST story here.

This is the best news I've heard in ages. 

Godsend actually, looking at how bad our situations now are politically and economically. You bet it'll be a recurring nightmare for some, but then for them that is the whole damn idea. 

I wrote TDM and TDZ would be a dream team in an earlier posting, here.

In Asian cultures and the Malays for sure, the elders are placed on an elevated position. Their experience and wisdom are valued, their opinions sought after, their voice are listened to and heck! some have their every gestures scrutinised to anticipate what they have in mind and then to act accordingly.

I am speaking from experience here.. my late grandfather. He got a way of getting his message across with very sparse words that we, my siblings and cousins had to learn fast, else if we misunderstood his message and if the stars were not lined up properly for us, we'd probably end up being the sorriest bunch of kids in the whole kampung.

As such, it is only natural for a party like UMNO to have a council of elders to advise the leaderships or just have their brain available for the leaderhips to pick on. It is such a good idea, it is quite surprising that there was much talk about it but never really been acted upon. 

If the elders were around we surely would not have to endure THE juvenile rampaging round the country's administration like a bull in the china shop, like we have for the past 5 years or so, that have subjected UMNO and the Malays to much ridicule. He'd be one sorry dude if he do that.

The prospect of formation of the council of elders will sure make the juvenile have sleepless nights, on top of his recent money politics guilty findings by the UMNO disciplinary board and his crumbling UMNO KP campaign.

And THE PM who gave the nod of agreement to rocket the his SIL to the party's stratosphere without any merit except for the fact that the guy is legally sleeping with his daughter, would surely hear from the elders and appropriate advice would have been dispensed. 

It can do only good. Council of Elders, hmm.. there's a nice ring to it. Hope it happens!  

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Punishment will be swift for UMNO..

Guess Pak Lah held UMNO ransom. 

His meeting with Anwar must have loomed large on UMNO that the UMNO displinary board made the kind of decision that it made on the money politics fiasco, especially with regards to KJ. 

And the justification that Tengku Ahmad Rithauddeen gave on letting KJ off lightly with just a warning really is an insult to the intelligence.

Now its up to the UMNO GA delegates to do what the leadership failed to do.. vote out those involve in money politics. 

If they insist on 'syok sendiri' and still at their same old shenanigan then punishment will be swift for UMNO come the 13th GE.

Monday, March 16, 2009

UMNO's drama heart-stopping finale..

Folks! looks like the current UMNO political drama has taken yet another unexpected turn, well..! not really, we heard rumours and sort of expected it coming.

We have seen Pak Lah flexing his sagging Anwar's-steroid induced muscles for the world to see and Malaysians are wondering why and are on the edge of their seat anticipating what is Pak Lah next move.

Well! take a load of this.. news from the grapevine is that all key Pak Lah's people who supposely will keep Najib in check when he is PM are implicated in money politics, here, and Pak Lah is trying his damndest to try keep UMNO disciplinary board from taking action, here.

Pak Lah had seen this coming. Now its clear what his muscle flexing is all about, it is an effort to pre-empt any action taken against his people, telling UMNO what he is capable of doing. 

Its a tricky situation for UMNO. Its a case of damned if you do, damned if you don't. 

If actions are taken, those implicated together with Pak Lah might just gang up with Anwar and not handover the PM post to Najib and if action is not taken, its going to be the same old corrupt UMNO.

It is interesting to see UMNO's displinary board resolve given the situation.  Brace yourself folks, either way its going to be a heart-stopping finale..

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Who killed UMNO..?

Well folks, it is less that 14 days to go before the UMNO GA and we are coming to the empilog of the current Malaysian political drama.

Last week the drama took a totally unsuspected turn when Pak Lah met Anwar at a Nasyabandi dergah somewhere in Ulu Langat that have caught Malaysians how shall I aptly put it.. haa yes! 'terkejut beruk'. 

I guess the normally low profile leave-us-alone busy with God Nasyabandis have momentarily become forgetful and slipped out of their 'zikir' to take bit part in the drama playing host to the unholy meeting. 

I remember Bapak words, "..yang zahir menunjukan yang batin..". Seems those Nasyabandis are enticed by a bit of worldly prominence and that have sure made manifest a suspect of a spiritual achievement on their part.

Anyway, with less than 14 days to go before the UMNO GA, rather than accept wishes of the UMNO majority, lick his wounds and go quietly with whatever dignity he have left, Pak Lah is going to the brink and play his Anwar trump card and make the drama a real cliff-hanger.

Cliff-hanging wise in our context I think it is bigger than "who killed JR?" cliff-hanger of the popular 80s soap series Dallas.

What is the purpose of the meeting? What is Pak Lah next move? Is Pak Lah flexing muscle to influence Najib's choice of people to be in the cabinet? Is Pak Lah forming a pact with Anwar and not hand over the PM post to Najib? Or, is it Pak Lah just couldn't turn down a good lunch? Bla, Bla, Bla.. those are some of the cliff-hanging questions playing on the rakyats mind at the moment.

Unlike Dallas however, whatever moves Pak Lah makes next and if UMNO got killed in the process, there will be no doubt whatsoever as to "who killed UMNO"?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Flip-flop is not a bad thing but Pak Lah is..

I have never called Pak Lah flip-flop because I am an electrical engineer by training and I know flip-flop is not a bad thing.

Pictured above is a schematic diagram of what people in digital electronics called flip-flop. It is called flip-flop because when a signal is applied to its input it gives at the output a signal that, well.. flip-flop, one microsecond it goes this way and the next microsecond it goes the opposite way and that is useful in the digital scheme of things.

Flip-flop is one of the most fundamental component in digital electronics because it is used to build higher order digital devices such as memories, mouse, keyboards, etc which in turn used to build even higher order digital devices ie. a computer.

That's just the computer, if you consider the whole spectrum of devices that makes today's digital world go round, then you can imagine the importance of these unsung flip-flops working at the lowest strata of the digital hierachy. 

Unsung because whoever have heard of flip-flop before Pak Lah comes along, but unfortunately he is giving flip-flop a really bad rap.

While flip-flop is quite indispensible in the digital scheme of things, in our scheme of things Pak Lah flip-flopping antics have been causing a lot of problems, one minute he goes this way and the next minute he goes the opposite way. I think this country can be aptly named Negara Gohed-Gostan like the one mentioned in P Ramlee's 3 Abdul.

I guess his milestone flip-flop was his very first flip-flop, when he flip-flop on his promise - wonder who give him the idea, to TDM who anointed him successor. As a result of that flip-flop we had to endure Pak Lah incompetence which lead the country to its current predicament. After much persuasion Pak Lah agree to leave office, read hounded out of office.

One would think he should be 'bersyukur', for such an incompetent fool he is able to hold the office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, while people with more illustrious names and who are more able, who during their time have more claim to the position than Pak Lah is now - he was being served the PM job on a platter, had to end their career without ever reaching the pinnacle or still continuing with their career with much dignity in lesser position. 

But no.. no siree Bob! Pak Lah is hell bent on not going through the agreed upon succession plan. 14 day before the UMNO GA, with the country economy and politics in topsy-turvy, there is no announcement of any specific date for handover of PM post to Najib, putting the whole country on tenterhooks and then take a load of this! here. Looks like he is going to the brink, saving his biggest and best flip-flop for the finale.

Man..! this guy is dangerous, an incompetent fool holding to levers of power is like a kid holding a hand granade. Try grab a hand grande from a kid who have taken a liking to it. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wow! RM60 billions..

I only can shout Wow! ala Husin Lempoyan character in P Ramlee's 3 Abdul in wonder at the amount because I am really a Neanderthal in economics.

I don't know what effect the RM60 billion injection have on the economy. I am also clueless how the economy can turn bad-ass all of a sudden. But judging reactions from people who seems to be in the know it seems positive.

I am not too sure what to make of Lim Guan Eng comment, whether he is serious or being sarcastic with his RM100 billion a year injection, which make it a RM200 billion for two years, comment. I am hoping to hear economic expert among bloggers view on the RM60 billions and colored with their partisan politics, it will be an effective way to learn quickly the pros and cons of the injection.

If it is true what Rocky Bru's heard from the grapewine here, that Najib is going to appoint Tun Daim Zainuddin as an adviser, then that is very reassuring indeed. He has been called upon couple of times when the economy went awry in the past and each time he delivered. TDZ is one cool, calm and collected dude. He stays out of the limelight except for his occasional soothsaying, mainly on the economy and politics. The only other news I heard of him was when few pairs of his expensive shoes got stolen from his well guarded house recently. Shoes? I wonder where would one fenced hot shoes.

TDZ is like an auto mechanic who just have to listen to the hum of the engine to know what is the problem with the car. He have just to listen to the hum of the global economic engine to warn us that the economy is going to turn bad-ass but did our neanderthal PM listen? He have just to listen to the hum of the grassroots to warn us that UMNO is going to lose badly in the 12 GE, but no..! our juvenile neanderthal first SIL still insist on poking his meddling fingers in selection of candidates

I agree with Rocky that the only other guy qualifed to be adviser is Tun Dr Mahathir. TDM is like a meticulous engineer, he will have a clear problem statement, then he would put all kind of probes on the car, he would look at all the data, he will be pouring at graphs and printouts, ask a lot of questions, wakes up his technicians from sleep to refer to something specific, the workshop will be humming with activities, until he zero in on the problem and then unleash an iron-clad solution regime. The ringgit speculator were running helter-skelter looking for cover when TDM unleased the capital control during the Asian economic crisis.

TDM/TDZ team would be a dream team, tried and tested. I wonder if that is possible..? Naah! that would be a case of too many cooks.. any one of them will do. But two of them together will sure be recurring nightmare for the opposition, they'll be pissing in their pants at the prospect.

There is one other person touted for the adviser post, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. I think there's even a concerted effort among UMNO bloggers to draft TRH. I don't know.. he has been going into long discourses, give a lot of talks and proposals on how to solve the problem, but compare to TDM and TDZ he lacks track record. 

The way TRH talked of a solution sounds sexy though! Well..! talk is cheap or so the saying goes.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Time out!

Selamat Menyambut Maulidul Rasul..!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ku Li - KJ coup d'état? (1)

1. The UMNO leadership transition plan is still in doubt. For such an important event Pak Lah only gave a half-assed assurance that he will handover power, without announcement of any specific dates.

2. The PM-to-be is beset with a negative image, a perception systematically sowed by the opposition namely Anwar and probably also interested parties in UMNO those who want to deny Najib the PM post. Anwar's latest installment is the Dubur guy article on Altantunya murder in the Liberation a French publication. Read the intrigue here.

3. Expect more of this negative media blitz, including from UMNO blogs that dramatize up their frustration and disenfrenchisement from UMNO due to the blatant corruption in UMNO in the run-up of the GA. This is to instill hatred in current UMNO leadership line-up especially the PM-to-be.

4. UMNO and its personalities are not sparkling clean by no means.. no siree Bob! but these guys are dramatizing up things, playing sandiwara. This have been done successfully by Anwar anyway, master of sandiwara.

5. While all this is going on the global economic meltdown which is yet to be felt here will soon hit our shore like a tsunami hitting a sampan, well! maybe now I am dramatizing up things, but its not really that too far off. That's really going or have already put fear of God on all Malaysians.

6. The Fear of impending economic crunch, the political Uncertainty in the Perak and the Doubt in UMNO leadership transition have gripped UMNO and life of Malaysians in general.

7. If the fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) situation continue to persists and Najib cannot bring the leadership transition as planned to a swift conclusion and he will be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

6. For Najib political enemies the cover of current FUD gripping the country is an opportune time to launch a coup d'état.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Anwar never learn does he..?

Gerakan Stephen Doss is parying to God to save Malaysia, here

This Gerakan lot is something else. They must have wish that the story to be true, because if Najib is up there as PM April 1st, Gerakan two-faced days are over. I don't really know what is the substantial difference between Gerakan and DAP, they  have the same Malaysian Malaysia ideal, except the minor difference.. Gerakan is in BN and DAP is not.

Come to think of it,  it's a damn good strategy for the Malaysian Malaysia idea, DAP working on the outside and Gerakan inside. They have had a field day with Pak Lah around. Pak Lah's half-baked liberalization and openness policy, that bared the Malays ass really, of coz formulated by Pak Lah's fourth floor juvenile team headed by we know who, give them the little opening they need to pounce on the Malay Special Rights and Privileges, the only stumbling block to their ideal. 

Of ocoz there's always been their persistent whining about merging BN into one party and bull droppings along that line.

What is the Bapak that Gerakan gave Pak Lah? Bapak Democracy or something..! They must be trying very hard not to laugh when they give the award to Pak Lah because it really means Pak Lah is the Bapak that they can jerk around. And I guess KJ 'setiakawan' bit is to pander to Gerakan and their ilk further..

Anyway, this latest Anwar's 'Altantunya' attempt is really getting a bit too old, even the PR's most unruly rowdies would have to work overtime to get fired-up with this trick Jepun. Anwar is becoming very predictable and never seems to learn.

Time and again Najib nailed him real good whenever he tried to pin Najib on something. 

The first time he tried he got the shock of is life when Najib 'Saiful'ed him right back and Saiful is still waiting for his day in court ready to nail Anwar's ass, so to speak. The second time he got a big 'terkejut beruk' to learn that Najib is a talented Tok Moh katak. Najib got katak all over him that he developed what appear to be 'badi katak' and Perak fell to BN. 

And Singh wannabe King really went ballistics with Anwar's katak fiasco - he already warned Anwar not to play play with katak, that once-hudud-over-my-dead-body Singh do a Hadi and went up the pulpit to give a 'taubat'  sermon to Anwar and also not sparing the whole of the PR leadership for supporting Anwar from his wrath.

What a spectacle..

This latest feeble attempt? Give everyone a break, will ya!!

Masak Anwar!

The prosecution have successfully tranfer his sodomy case to the High Court.

Expect the PR cultural troupe to put on a grand street show of high political drama when the case is heard at the High Court. A lot of PR roadies and extras will be participating.

There'll be Malay sandiwara, Chinese wayang, Singh wannabe king bangra, Hindraf will sure contribute something and maybe just maybe a nasyid number or two.

This is to try to make the public oblivious of the juicy details of the case and distract them to think that it is a political conspiracy rather than a criminal case pure and simple.

At least that's what I'll do if I am Anwar.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Apo bincek nyo ni!

Tak cukup dengan ketidaktentuan yang sedia ada sekarang?

Baca tentang pelawak-pelawak tingkat 4 yang telah menjadi pengetahuan umum mengurus dan menasihat perihal ekonomi negara, dan mungkin yang tidak menjadi pengetahuan umum tentang keadaan ekonomi negara sekarang yang sungguh mengusarkan di sini.

Petang ini pula ada satu lagi kumpulan pelawak dari UMNO, mungkin pelawak yang sama mungkin tidak, akan mengadakan sidang akhbar berkenaan permintaan injunksi mahkamah mereka untuk menangguhkan Perhimpunan Agung UMNO, baca sini.

Apo bincek nyo ni!