Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ku Li - KJ coup d'état? (1)

1. The UMNO leadership transition plan is still in doubt. For such an important event Pak Lah only gave a half-assed assurance that he will handover power, without announcement of any specific dates.

2. The PM-to-be is beset with a negative image, a perception systematically sowed by the opposition namely Anwar and probably also interested parties in UMNO those who want to deny Najib the PM post. Anwar's latest installment is the Dubur guy article on Altantunya murder in the Liberation a French publication. Read the intrigue here.

3. Expect more of this negative media blitz, including from UMNO blogs that dramatize up their frustration and disenfrenchisement from UMNO due to the blatant corruption in UMNO in the run-up of the GA. This is to instill hatred in current UMNO leadership line-up especially the PM-to-be.

4. UMNO and its personalities are not sparkling clean by no means.. no siree Bob! but these guys are dramatizing up things, playing sandiwara. This have been done successfully by Anwar anyway, master of sandiwara.

5. While all this is going on the global economic meltdown which is yet to be felt here will soon hit our shore like a tsunami hitting a sampan, well! maybe now I am dramatizing up things, but its not really that too far off. That's really going or have already put fear of God on all Malaysians.

6. The Fear of impending economic crunch, the political Uncertainty in the Perak and the Doubt in UMNO leadership transition have gripped UMNO and life of Malaysians in general.

7. If the fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) situation continue to persists and Najib cannot bring the leadership transition as planned to a swift conclusion and he will be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

6. For Najib political enemies the cover of current FUD gripping the country is an opportune time to launch a coup d'état.

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