Monday, March 16, 2009

UMNO's drama heart-stopping finale..

Folks! looks like the current UMNO political drama has taken yet another unexpected turn, well..! not really, we heard rumours and sort of expected it coming.

We have seen Pak Lah flexing his sagging Anwar's-steroid induced muscles for the world to see and Malaysians are wondering why and are on the edge of their seat anticipating what is Pak Lah next move.

Well! take a load of this.. news from the grapevine is that all key Pak Lah's people who supposely will keep Najib in check when he is PM are implicated in money politics, here, and Pak Lah is trying his damndest to try keep UMNO disciplinary board from taking action, here.

Pak Lah had seen this coming. Now its clear what his muscle flexing is all about, it is an effort to pre-empt any action taken against his people, telling UMNO what he is capable of doing. 

Its a tricky situation for UMNO. Its a case of damned if you do, damned if you don't. 

If actions are taken, those implicated together with Pak Lah might just gang up with Anwar and not handover the PM post to Najib and if action is not taken, its going to be the same old corrupt UMNO.

It is interesting to see UMNO's displinary board resolve given the situation.  Brace yourself folks, either way its going to be a heart-stopping finale..

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