Thursday, March 5, 2009

Anwar never learn does he..?

Gerakan Stephen Doss is parying to God to save Malaysia, here

This Gerakan lot is something else. They must have wish that the story to be true, because if Najib is up there as PM April 1st, Gerakan two-faced days are over. I don't really know what is the substantial difference between Gerakan and DAP, they  have the same Malaysian Malaysia ideal, except the minor difference.. Gerakan is in BN and DAP is not.

Come to think of it,  it's a damn good strategy for the Malaysian Malaysia idea, DAP working on the outside and Gerakan inside. They have had a field day with Pak Lah around. Pak Lah's half-baked liberalization and openness policy, that bared the Malays ass really, of coz formulated by Pak Lah's fourth floor juvenile team headed by we know who, give them the little opening they need to pounce on the Malay Special Rights and Privileges, the only stumbling block to their ideal. 

Of ocoz there's always been their persistent whining about merging BN into one party and bull droppings along that line.

What is the Bapak that Gerakan gave Pak Lah? Bapak Democracy or something..! They must be trying very hard not to laugh when they give the award to Pak Lah because it really means Pak Lah is the Bapak that they can jerk around. And I guess KJ 'setiakawan' bit is to pander to Gerakan and their ilk further..

Anyway, this latest Anwar's 'Altantunya' attempt is really getting a bit too old, even the PR's most unruly rowdies would have to work overtime to get fired-up with this trick Jepun. Anwar is becoming very predictable and never seems to learn.

Time and again Najib nailed him real good whenever he tried to pin Najib on something. 

The first time he tried he got the shock of is life when Najib 'Saiful'ed him right back and Saiful is still waiting for his day in court ready to nail Anwar's ass, so to speak. The second time he got a big 'terkejut beruk' to learn that Najib is a talented Tok Moh katak. Najib got katak all over him that he developed what appear to be 'badi katak' and Perak fell to BN. 

And Singh wannabe King really went ballistics with Anwar's katak fiasco - he already warned Anwar not to play play with katak, that once-hudud-over-my-dead-body Singh do a Hadi and went up the pulpit to give a 'taubat'  sermon to Anwar and also not sparing the whole of the PR leadership for supporting Anwar from his wrath.

What a spectacle..

This latest feeble attempt? Give everyone a break, will ya!!

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