Friday, March 20, 2009

Council of elders, hmm.. there's a nice ring to it.

A delegate to the UMNO GA next week will be tabling a resolution to appoint Tun Dr Mahathir and Tun Dain Zainudin as advisers to the party and government, thus a formation of a council of elders of sort. Read unpublished NST story here.

This is the best news I've heard in ages. 

Godsend actually, looking at how bad our situations now are politically and economically. You bet it'll be a recurring nightmare for some, but then for them that is the whole damn idea. 

I wrote TDM and TDZ would be a dream team in an earlier posting, here.

In Asian cultures and the Malays for sure, the elders are placed on an elevated position. Their experience and wisdom are valued, their opinions sought after, their voice are listened to and heck! some have their every gestures scrutinised to anticipate what they have in mind and then to act accordingly.

I am speaking from experience here.. my late grandfather. He got a way of getting his message across with very sparse words that we, my siblings and cousins had to learn fast, else if we misunderstood his message and if the stars were not lined up properly for us, we'd probably end up being the sorriest bunch of kids in the whole kampung.

As such, it is only natural for a party like UMNO to have a council of elders to advise the leaderships or just have their brain available for the leaderhips to pick on. It is such a good idea, it is quite surprising that there was much talk about it but never really been acted upon. 

If the elders were around we surely would not have to endure THE juvenile rampaging round the country's administration like a bull in the china shop, like we have for the past 5 years or so, that have subjected UMNO and the Malays to much ridicule. He'd be one sorry dude if he do that.

The prospect of formation of the council of elders will sure make the juvenile have sleepless nights, on top of his recent money politics guilty findings by the UMNO disciplinary board and his crumbling UMNO KP campaign.

And THE PM who gave the nod of agreement to rocket the his SIL to the party's stratosphere without any merit except for the fact that the guy is legally sleeping with his daughter, would surely hear from the elders and appropriate advice would have been dispensed. 

It can do only good. Council of Elders, hmm.. there's a nice ring to it. Hope it happens!  

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  1. ...what a good idea...we always respect our elders..they are here first..without them we are not existed..