Saturday, March 28, 2009

All things must pass..

And I guess for now the current UMNO GA, a watershed of a GA must pass too..

Watershed because the years of unhealthy living has taken its toll and UMNO landed itself in the ICU and this GA is the one-chance-only left to be resuscitated. What comes out of this GA and more importantly the actions that follow carry serious ramifications to the lives of Malays for the generations to come.

In their moments of reflection, their laments or rejoices will carry them back to this watershed GA that sealed their fate. To the choices that the delegates made, to the effectiveness of the YET-TO-BE-FORMED CABINET, bla bla bla! In their laments they will see the Si Kitols who will be the subject of their curse and in their rejoices they will see the heroes who will be the subject of their adulation.

There has been a clear and urgent call for transformation and you delegates have responded but NOT unequivocally, obviously the printed first Agong's head still prevails and there will be clear indictments.

The SUNATULLAH corresponding to your actions is already in force and only a prompt and urgent FOLLOW-UP actions can probably just undo the blight in your actions, so that the rakyat will rejoice intead of lament, adulating the heroes instead of cursing the Si-Kitols , at what will come to pass..

Meanwhile for what it's worth, a piece of my Bapak's reminder to all his children might be of relevance.

Benih bukan sebarang benih
Kalau pandai memupuknya
Akan tumbuh menjadi pohon
Pada batangnya orang bersandar
Pada uratnya orang bersila
Pada rimbunnya orang bernaung


  1. Well said bro.

    Transformations will be key. Now we will wait and see when these will take place.


  2. PAU that just end on 28/3/09 (for youth wing) to me I described as a ball that rolls into an alley.