Friday, April 3, 2009

Sireh pulang ke gangang, pinang pulang ke tampuk

Congratulation DS Najib for being appointed the 6th PM of Malaysia!!!

Despite the opposition trying every dirty tricks in the book to stop his ascension, it is DS Najib's DESTINY to ascend to the office of the PM of Malaysia.

A Pahang aristocrat, DS Najib is one of the hereditary Orang Besar Berempat carrying the title Orang Kaya Indra Shahbandar is the eldest son of the Legendary Tun Abdul Razak the country's 2nd PM and nephew of Tun Hussein Onn the country's 3rd PM. He is thus a political blueblood brought up in an environment of leadership and groomed for leadership, and his tour of duty serving 3 PMs in the various cabinet postitions and the UMNO leadership hierachy has horned his andministrative and leadership skills to follow in his father's giant footstep. 

Sireh pulang ke gangang, pinang pulang ke tampuk, is an apt Malay description of DS Najib ascension to the PM office.

There never was a time when just about everyone in the country is so invested in the appointment of a new Prime Minister, for it signals the end of a very destabilising out-of-touch TUN Flip-Flop era. 

For UMNO, its is a God given opportunity to be resusitated from the moral degradation that have made them look like a fat-cats regime out-of-touch with the masses, and winning back all the lost grounds during TUN Flip-Flop era.

For the rakyat folks, a new hope of a clean, professional, hands-on cabinet formed, one that gets real job done like tackling the economics crisis for starters.

For the opposition, their days of them taking pot-shots at UMNO/BN, gnawing at UMNO/BN grounds and UMNO/BN giving them as-good-as walkover in any by-election is over. 

For Nizar, DS Najib is giving all the right signals, looks like UMNO is not about to be minced meat, your DERHAKA ASS is probably going to be grass after all.

For Anwar, you have run out of tricks, your DESTINY awaits you..

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  1. Salam Saudara Wah,

    I still reserve the adrenaline for celebration though it's confirmed Dollah has stepped down. There's gonna be another round of roller coaster ride.

    With the economic issue to be wisely tackled, and the whole world now is looking at him as suspected #$%^&*#$, it will not an easy task after all.

    We the mere mortals just hope and pray for the best and prepare for the worst.