Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Important discovery, e = mc2 is nothing..

Tun flip-flop is gone, TDM is back in UMNO fold, Najib is the President of UMNO and PM of this great country's of ours. His 1Malaysia idea sounds kosher, the votings in the 3 by-elections are proceeding smoothly, seems everything's honky dory, hope the people vote wisely and may the best party wins. 

As such I agree with what the The Voice said, here, about the partisan bloggers to be civil with one another and 'agree to disagree'.

Meanwhile, let's take time-out, I'll relate to you folks an important discovery..

A Facebook friend of mine was posting notes on Facebook on those 101 stuffs, you know.. Management 101, Family 101, stuffs like that.

I thought it was good but I thought it would be better if he could post stuffs that are more of my immediate concern at the moment, so I asked if he got something on Wife 101 or Girlfriend 101.

He came back with the stuff below, I had a good laugh.. no! I was rolling on the floor laughing my ass off and I thought I share it with you folks! You just have to appreciate the sheer elegance of the mathematics..

WOMEN 101 - Courtesey of a Facebook friend

Much as I admire the mathematics I don't believe in the conclusion though.. I'll be in real problem without my women.

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