Monday, October 19, 2009

Najib's UMNO - Spirited and ready to rumble

Najib's UMNO had arrived folks!

And with guns blazing.. giving PAS a severe walloping in the Bagan Pinang by-election, concluding a highly spirited GA - badly missing in the last couple of GAs, successfullly amending their constitution allowing 140,000 members to vote to elect their top office bearers and sounding out advice to disintegrating BN parters to follow their lead amongst others, to serve notice of their arrival!

It was an UMNO that the Bagan Pinang voters responded to so overwhelmingly, a development seen as UMNO/BN bottoming-out a downtrend of a series of 8 post 12th GE by-election losses to the PR except Batang Air, thus stemming the the PR 12 GE victory momentum.

Bottoming-out a downtrend going on an uptrend

An UMNO of Najib's presidency whose chacteristics he masterly articulates in his inspiring speeches to the delegates during the recent GA that got them really fired-up to RISE-WITH-HIM to get right down to business to face the coming 13th GE. A Facebook friend - a senior member of the Pahang state government, was so fired-up that he wrote on his Facebook wall saying he is proud right down to his marrow to be an UMNO member after listening to Najib's speeches. If this is the general spirit of the UMNO memberships it bodes well for them going forward. It sure looks like the FAT-LADY is not about to sing on UMNO just yet!

Not singing just yet! Or, maybe the singing 
will be on the other side of the divide

An UMNO that came out of the recent GA transformed - spirited and ready to rumble, from the listless and a punching-bag of an UMNO left by Dol-Tidoq. It was a brilliant display of Najib's sedate yet compelling leadership to effect such huge uplifting of spirit. It must scare the sh*t out of the PR leaderships to think that LGE's nonchalant admission of the slight difficulty in dislodging UMNO/BN when talking about Najib's superior leadership of UMNO/BN over Dol-Tidoq's in a recent inteview, may turn out to be their worst possible nightmare. One looks like he's about ready to bail-out.

A notice have been served to the PR!

All that's left now is for Najib and UMNO to put all agendas into operations,  translate all rhetorics into actions and not slip into f**k-ups of old, to execute the notice.

Monday, October 12, 2009

PAS melePAS!

Folks! Isa won big in Bagan Pinang PRK.

Well, the win was expected but to win that big a margin was something else. I thought Isa would just scrapped through given TDM - that's almost all of UMNO, spat with the MIC - Indians, they are the kingmaker and the naturally rebellious young folks - its a phase that young folks go through.

I was of the thinking that since Bagan Pinang was an UMNO strong-hold why not bring in somebody new, not tainted, to unequivocally commit to Najib's clarion call during the last  UMNO GA to 'Berubah or Rebah' from their Fat-Cat, 'Tempolok-First' culture. And in today's World 2.0 UMNO need to change and be seen as changing from their old ways to remain fresh and relevant. I thought the Bagan Pinang PRK presents an opportunity for UMNO to proudly display to their stakeholders their re-invention.

Well, I guess its not such a cut and dried issue. 'Tainted' as Isa is, the people make it known in no uncertain terms that they want Isa and the top leadership endorse their choice, even TDM accepted it and it pays big!!

PAS cannot make political hay of Isa 'tainted'ness. With just about 1 1/2 years that the PR are in power in some states, they have shown that they are about 1 million miles away from a paragon of virtue. In fact if we extrapolate - with some pretty reasonable assumptions, their bullshit and excesses in the 1 1/2 years that they are in power to what they are likely to be capable of if they had the number of years that UMNO are in power, it's damn bloody scary! Just look at their shenanigans in Selangor and the previously Nizar - the puppet, Perak government, especially for the Malays. Penang is already a goner for the Malays. And Nik Aziz is looking more like a mosque siak than a top moollah trying to justify that every of their duck-ups got an ok from Heaven.

Need I said more about Anwar? He's scraping the bottom of his credibility barrel. His kung-fu and silambam with the courts is about done and he got to face whatever is written in the stars for him, like a man. I have advised Saiful in Facebook to be patient, "..takkan lari Anwar dikejar, hilang kabus nampaklah dia.."

MIC? They were wise not to mess around with the 1Malaysia boss, he can really duck them up, Makkal Sakti is just a bit to show what's up his sleeve.  Rocky Bru have it that Sami Velu is going to be history soon, I guess because of the garland of slippers faux-pas on TDM. Najib is not Dol-tidoq that they can jerked around. From the over 2,000 Indian votes only about 400 went to PAS, going by the report I heard. The young? Going by the numbers probably about 70% went to UMNO, I guess they have gone past THE phase.

The big win just shows an endorsement of Najib astute 'People-First' helming of a-mess-of-a-country left by Dol-tidoq. UMNO is bottoming-out and on a gradual uptrend, come the 13th GE PR will be 'Pakatan Rebah' if the UMNO folks don't get over-confident and not start getting any funny ideas of old, and Najib to always have his fingers on the pulse of the rakyat and moderate accordingly. Hey boss! try listen to the vigorous SSS pulse!

Congratulation TS Isa Samad! Ini peluang keduo, salam kono kosong lopeh ni.. Suko den kau hompok PAS!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Bagan Pinang: Sodomites and dhimmis beware!

Read my lips.. Think!

PAS must be getting very desperate in Bagan Pinang such that they got no compunction concorting such a brazen lie, here and making a call for a FALSE jihad, here.

What's got into the mind of these people. That was a seditious and a dangerous call and not an equitable strategy to gain just a few more votes in a mere fu#$ing PRK. Its not like Hadi is going to be the PM or Nik Aziz is going to be the Grand Ayatollah of Malaysia if PAS wins the PRK. So chill you s-holes!

Anwar? Did he really believe he can be PM? Didn't he heard Hadi mocked at the very idea of him being PM? Saying something about "..angan-angan Mat Jenin..". I really think he will be given the lashes if found guilty of sodomy - the evidence against him is airtight going by the grapevines, if those two moolahs got to be PM and Grand Ayatollah of Malaysia. DAP? Well, they will be classified as dhimmis and probably be spared of the lashes unless there are sodomites among them, but some of them will highly likely be stripped of their citizenship and be hounded out of the country.

You folks think PAS is not capable of doing that? They have contorted the verses of the quran out of shape whenever it suits them, so a 'koner baring' U-turn on their Pakatan deal will be no sweat for them, they can do it without batting an eyelid.

After all, they have an array of quranic verses that says they don't need sodomites or a kafir-laknat - that's what they call DAP out of earshot, dhimmis who once said "..Islamic state? Over my dead body.." and have the habit of takebeer instead of takbir, to share ruling with them. Heck! I am not sure if dhimmis are even allowed to rule.

You know folks, PAS got their own justification for their rampant lying and two-timing nature, they called it takiyya. This they got from the Syiah and though they hate the Syiah guts they are a great admirer of their Iranian revolution.

You voters have been warned especially you dhimmis! Now think!