Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Najib rally the troops.. hinted on Mukhriz



Najib said UMNO MESTI BERANI BERUBAH, read here.

He has hinted on Mukhriz and if delegates close ranks behind Najib and vote accordingly, looks like KJ will have a lot of time in his hand after the GA.

All is not lost KJ, don't sulk for too long! You are young and talented and time is on your side and it will surely come. BUT you must prep yourself well before anyone is going to trust you to shoulder the AMANAH.

Here's what I suggest you do..

Take the time to take stock, loose your spoil brat attitude and spend time with the folks at the kampongs.

Keep your ears and eyes open, take a deep breath of the fresh kampong air, look at the way the folks live, listen to their aspirations, immerse yourself in the culture - you are severely lacking here, mingle with the real hardcore gurkha especially the old timers, they oozes the spirit of THE perjuangan.. soaked everything up!

Oops..! I almost forget, no play-play with kepala Agong, salam mesti kosong ok! And please, please, please.. stay away from any of Najib's daughter.

When you are good and ready, claw your way back up again and make your claim to be in the leadership saf. BUT right now you are a leader whose time is yet to come.

And Nizar..

If Najib gets the BERANI BERUBAH leadership saf he wanted, come Bukit Gantang your derhaka ass is grass.



  1. Najib is good...but not yet ready to be the me he should look at all Dr.M speech videos.. and learn how to capture the audience by his heart & wisdom..after all u know when someone is fully confidence, half, quarter or not..but he will do this time...Mukhriz..will help him..if they knew better..

  2. the moment of truth!

    Lets see what sort of talent pool that mr. president ends up with, and options to choose for 1st cabinet line-up.

    tranformations warrant radical actions.

    go autobots1

  3. i know....last night i am sad too..not to my expectation..the delay made me Mukhriz..hang on there..if only they knew better...what are they going to miss in the coming years..obviously the young one are not happy..