Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wow! RM60 billions..

I only can shout Wow! ala Husin Lempoyan character in P Ramlee's 3 Abdul in wonder at the amount because I am really a Neanderthal in economics.

I don't know what effect the RM60 billion injection have on the economy. I am also clueless how the economy can turn bad-ass all of a sudden. But judging reactions from people who seems to be in the know it seems positive.

I am not too sure what to make of Lim Guan Eng comment, whether he is serious or being sarcastic with his RM100 billion a year injection, which make it a RM200 billion for two years, comment. I am hoping to hear economic expert among bloggers view on the RM60 billions and colored with their partisan politics, it will be an effective way to learn quickly the pros and cons of the injection.

If it is true what Rocky Bru's heard from the grapewine here, that Najib is going to appoint Tun Daim Zainuddin as an adviser, then that is very reassuring indeed. He has been called upon couple of times when the economy went awry in the past and each time he delivered. TDZ is one cool, calm and collected dude. He stays out of the limelight except for his occasional soothsaying, mainly on the economy and politics. The only other news I heard of him was when few pairs of his expensive shoes got stolen from his well guarded house recently. Shoes? I wonder where would one fenced hot shoes.

TDZ is like an auto mechanic who just have to listen to the hum of the engine to know what is the problem with the car. He have just to listen to the hum of the global economic engine to warn us that the economy is going to turn bad-ass but did our neanderthal PM listen? He have just to listen to the hum of the grassroots to warn us that UMNO is going to lose badly in the 12 GE, but no..! our juvenile neanderthal first SIL still insist on poking his meddling fingers in selection of candidates

I agree with Rocky that the only other guy qualifed to be adviser is Tun Dr Mahathir. TDM is like a meticulous engineer, he will have a clear problem statement, then he would put all kind of probes on the car, he would look at all the data, he will be pouring at graphs and printouts, ask a lot of questions, wakes up his technicians from sleep to refer to something specific, the workshop will be humming with activities, until he zero in on the problem and then unleash an iron-clad solution regime. The ringgit speculator were running helter-skelter looking for cover when TDM unleased the capital control during the Asian economic crisis.

TDM/TDZ team would be a dream team, tried and tested. I wonder if that is possible..? Naah! that would be a case of too many cooks.. any one of them will do. But two of them together will sure be recurring nightmare for the opposition, they'll be pissing in their pants at the prospect.

There is one other person touted for the adviser post, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. I think there's even a concerted effort among UMNO bloggers to draft TRH. I don't know.. he has been going into long discourses, give a lot of talks and proposals on how to solve the problem, but compare to TDM and TDZ he lacks track record. 

The way TRH talked of a solution sounds sexy though! Well..! talk is cheap or so the saying goes.

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  1. Thanks bro for visiting my blog. I agree with you about TDZ. His expertise is still needed by our country. Good writing.