Thursday, March 26, 2009

Congratulations KJ for being elected UMNO Youth Head!!!

And my sincere condolences to UMNO!!!

DS Najib really rallied the troops with his speech opening the UMNO Wanita, Pemuda and Puteri wings assembly yesterday. It was very inspiring and came aptly at a critical juncture when UMNO is still nursing its 12 GE near fatal wounds while the opposition vultures are circling above looking to zero-in for the kill.

It was a call for total transformation. Amongst others, DS Najib conveyed in no uncertain terms the BERUBAH or REBAH urgency of eradicating money politics in UMNO. It lifted the spirit of UMNO masses in hopeful anticipation of a new and transformed UMNO going forward.

And what did the Pemuda delegates in the dewan do..? They voted to REBAH!

DS Najib, you ask for UMNO to give you a leadership 'saf yang ampuh', and the Pemuda delegates gave you talented he may be, a wounded lieutenent in dire need of rehabilitation.

The killing frenzy will now commence, come Bukit Gantang the opposition vultures will surely be having festive kenduris making minced meat of UMNO.

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