Sunday, March 15, 2009

Who killed UMNO..?

Well folks, it is less that 14 days to go before the UMNO GA and we are coming to the empilog of the current Malaysian political drama.

Last week the drama took a totally unsuspected turn when Pak Lah met Anwar at a Nasyabandi dergah somewhere in Ulu Langat that have caught Malaysians how shall I aptly put it.. haa yes! 'terkejut beruk'. 

I guess the normally low profile leave-us-alone busy with God Nasyabandis have momentarily become forgetful and slipped out of their 'zikir' to take bit part in the drama playing host to the unholy meeting. 

I remember Bapak words, "..yang zahir menunjukan yang batin..". Seems those Nasyabandis are enticed by a bit of worldly prominence and that have sure made manifest a suspect of a spiritual achievement on their part.

Anyway, with less than 14 days to go before the UMNO GA, rather than accept wishes of the UMNO majority, lick his wounds and go quietly with whatever dignity he have left, Pak Lah is going to the brink and play his Anwar trump card and make the drama a real cliff-hanger.

Cliff-hanging wise in our context I think it is bigger than "who killed JR?" cliff-hanger of the popular 80s soap series Dallas.

What is the purpose of the meeting? What is Pak Lah next move? Is Pak Lah flexing muscle to influence Najib's choice of people to be in the cabinet? Is Pak Lah forming a pact with Anwar and not hand over the PM post to Najib? Or, is it Pak Lah just couldn't turn down a good lunch? Bla, Bla, Bla.. those are some of the cliff-hanging questions playing on the rakyats mind at the moment.

Unlike Dallas however, whatever moves Pak Lah makes next and if UMNO got killed in the process, there will be no doubt whatsoever as to "who killed UMNO"?

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