Sunday, June 14, 2009

SSUS - Stand-up and be counted!

Folks! The SSUS campaign lunched by the Demi Negara community on May 12th have been a huge success, thus far!

At a time when Malaysian lifes are shrouded with fear, uncertainty and doubt, infused with divisive politicking that has run totally out of alignment hacking away the very foundation of the nation, SSUS presents an elegant, logical not to mentioned fit-and-proper solution to the question of Unity and the creation of a truly Warga Bangsa Malaysia that made a lot of sense and everyone to sit up and listen.

In just a little bit over a month, SSUS have caught on like wildfire and has outgrown its online abode i.e. blogsphere, later Facebook and made it to the MSM, the newspapers and TV and now to you folks, the public at large.

We have seen closeted racist opportunists raving and ranting threatening police report and legal suit against citizen-bloggers supporting SSUS, thus exposing who they really are. And we have seen some ardent proponents.

We are telling the government to stop dodging the menace of vernacular schools - sweat shops for production of far-flung Bangsas that are parasites to our coverted Warga Bangsa Malaysia, and exterminate the parasites NOW! And we are telling this clueless racist and his likes to cease and desist!

We can talk and talk until the cow comes home folks! Or the similar Kelantanese expression here. But we have talk the talk and now its time to walk the talk. The Demi Negara community have upped the ante, they are putting to you folks a simple YES or NO question to SSUS, to Unity and to a truly Warga Bangsa Malaysia, and don't be distracted and lari from topic.

Here's the deal folks! Stand up and be counted! Support Demi Negara's Call for a National Referendum on Vernacular Schools!

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  1. Pergh ... ini gorengan tiga abdul yang amat gurih, rangup, tak berminyak dan anti-kolesterol pula.

    Kalau orang sakit tak mahu beli sebagai ubat mujarrab, maknanya dia sudah tahu ajal dia dah sampai, maka tak perlu kepada ubat lagi.

    Orang macam ini nujum pak belalang pun tak boleh tolong ..

    Salam perkenalan tuan 3abdul. I fall in love with this post ..