Monday, December 1, 2008

sms english is here 2 stay..

if it hvnt occur 2 nyone yet.., sms english or bm or chinese or swahili 4 tat matter is here 2 stay.

a quick google on some facts puts global mobile ph % penetration currently @ 50%, africa currently hv da highest % penetration rate, anywhere! n da us is going 4 100% penetration by 2013. this just show da already large community of mobile ph n proportionately sms english users is still growing n growing fast.

da mobile ph is more handy 2 a person than any other media. in an informal context @ least 4 now, ppl b more readily write a sms on da mobile ph than an email on da computer n very much less so write a letter, which hv bcome a dying art. of coz stone tablets of 'ten commandment' fame, pyprus roll, animal hide, silk cloth, etc hv all slipped in2 oblivion along wth da spoken n written form of whatever da language.

just s da stone tablet hv given way 2 pyprus roll, pyprus roll 2 animal hide n so on n so forth.., we hv seen pieces of paper give way 2 emails, it's not 2 outreageous 2 tink smday sms english will b da mainstream written form.

currently tings r in early adopters phase, progressive dictionaries hv start 2 include sms english in their latest publications, if i m nt mistaken countries like australia n nz hv accepted sms english in schools n exams.

nt 2 long dwn da line da 100% penetration in 2013 in da us is significant, da us do watever they please, watever they adopt will b de-facto standard n if it pleases them tat everything b in sms english da world will follow like lemmings. tho its hard 2 imagine contracts n agreements in sms english, we still find smatterings of shakespearean english in those :(

i tink sms english is cool, written da way we talk, more xpressive with da emoticons or watever u call it, save energy, more important it communicates just as well if not better.

if we cnot beat them we join them i say.. :D

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