Saturday, December 20, 2008

the gall of those motherf$%kers..

thought they could loot IJN.

haven't they learned anything.. after being battered black n blue in the last general election? didn't it ever occurred to them that the rakyat r sick n tired of their shenanigans. r they tempting their fate? that's a sure-fire ammo for the opposition to finish them off in the next general election.

is this the 'ketuanan melayu' that we r defending..? F$%K U!!

to the IJN consultants who came out with the statement to refute the main point of those motherf$%kers proposal i.e. money, u guys r the pride of the malays n malaysians.. SYABAS!!


  1. Rilex bro.. its just a suggestion & it was put on hold.. Hope they scarp it..