Monday, December 29, 2008

happy georgian new year folks!! or is it..?

yes, it is the georgian new year!

it is a much much bigger new year than any other calender new year, such as the hijrah new year, the muslim's new year celebrated a few days ago or the chinese new year that is going to b celebrated in about a month time, for example.

that everyone celebrates themselves silly over the georgian new year just shows the hold western civilisation hv on ppl lives globally. we measure our days, months, years, decades, centuries, millineums according to the georgian calender, else we b out of sync with the rest of the world.

let's face it folks, the world today is helm by the western civilisation. they got to b that bcoz they r more knowledgable, hv better technologies, know how to plant stuffs better, dig stuffs out of the ground better, build stuffs better. they got a lot of say in the going-ons of the world.

in the old days, first helmed by the iberian cousins the portugese n spanish n later the british with few others in between them, they got to b colonists bcoz they built better ships n weapons. they sail the seven seas, claimed native land the world over in the name of their sovereign n plundered its resources. any keris or parang wielding native dissenters will get a taste of their state-of-the-art cannon balls. the natives especially ruling elites were schooled in their 'civilised' western ways n their system of administration were put in place, thus the small matter of the georgian calender.

today the west is helm by the US of A, their better weapons won them the world wars n that gave them n their sidekicks a lot of say in the shaping up of the post-war geo-political landscape. one outcome of which was the grabbing of palestine land n the formation of the state of israel n their continous support for the zionist state.

they come out with stuffs that everypone craved for to live a comfortable civilised lives.. better food, petroleum & minerals, consumer products - cars, tv, computers, etc. they r better at planting it, digging it and building it than anyone else. they drive the global economic engine n there r money to b made by anyone who latched onto the economic value-added chain in whatever capacity n thus beholden to them.

in their capacity, they lord over the economy, top dawg, the one who got to design the operating system, one that make them the most obscene profits, the most 'haves'. those below the chain r just diminishing level of sophistication of sweat shops with correspondingly diminishing profits n 'haves', those who does not figure in the economy at all r 'have nots'.

the outcome of which is an oppressive, unsustainable system, riddled with abuse. it has started to show cracks, spewing big loads of shit that have hit a big big fan n have made the global economic climate stinks..

coming into the georgian new year..

the spectacle of defenseless palestinians being pounded bombs by the israelis with approval of the US of A n the west, bleeds the heart..

the gloomy global economic outlook of 09 n onwards is anticipated with a lot of aprehensions..

not to mention, locally the continued disrespect n political attacking of 'ketuanan melayu' by non-malays political leaders if goes on unabated can be a disaster waiting to happen..

let's hope good sense prevail n we hv a happy georgian new year anyway..!!

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