Friday, January 2, 2009

'to english' or not.. hah! hisham?

dato seri hishamudin tun hussein must b having sleepless night deciding whether 'to english' or not for the primary school science n math subjects.

its his call now.

it is not a responsibility anyone who is sitting pretty in the election for umno top dawgs, quite unblemished in the ugly barkings n howlings that some r into, would wish for. it is a lose-lose situation. the possible fallout that comes with the decision under the current political climate can b harmful to his career, he probably got to do some fast talking to simmer down the dissatisfaction, coming out with a decision either way.

with the continued disrespect n political attacking of the 'ketuanan melayu' by bi-partisan non-malay leaders, 'to english' will b seen as pandering to the non-malays who'd b quick to welcome any initiative that dilute the 'ketuanan' n probably put another hurdle to a single medium national school system, bahasa melayu of coz.. to achieve the much talk about national integration.

worse.. seen as a 'tak dak teloq' act on his part by umno right-wingers n increasingly the umno mainstream n even malay leaders n electorates across the political divide, who on the whole have grown quite impatient to the disrespect shown by the non-malay leaders.

politics aside, i for one see 'to english' will b double jeopardy for malay, iban, kadazan, n other native kids out in the boondocks. science n maths r difficult enuf for kids who r generally known to hv no pedigree in the subjects, add english to that it will b a real burden.

the einsteins, bhors, phlanks, de broglies of the world don't do their primary school science n maths in english n there r more of them actually, check your sekolah menengah science textbook.

one 'tak dak teloq' leader is one too many, we don't need another.

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