Sunday, January 4, 2009

achtung!! motherf$%kers meeting tomorrow

well folks! when najib said the ijn take-over by sime darby was put on hold, seems it won't be for long.

rocky bru reported a meeting between epu, ijn n sime darby has been arranged for this coming monday. what the hell for man! unless the motherf$%kers r going through with it anyway.

the whole thing is just so brazenly obvious a case of daylight robbery. there is no issue of mass migration of doctors disgruntled with their pay, somebody has been pulling a fast one on the mof n the loot.. there is something like couple hundred millions of RM in ijn's coffer. not to mention the biz is a gold mine, its an expensive disease n not short of customers, ppl r dying like flies of heart disease these days.

the proposal shouldn't hv gone past the announcement stage in the first place. now that rakyat across all divide have caused a big brouhaha over it, the paper the proposal were written on should hv made nasi lemak wrappers already n the whole thing should hv been dropped like a hot iron, but NO! they r hell bent on going through with it or so it seems.

r they stupid or what? we r dealing with ppl from the oxfords n the LSEs of the world here. nope! in my simpleton sub-prime itm graduate mind, don't think this is a case of a simple plain daylight robbery, some high stake 'wayang' game is going on here. well! maybe just my imagination running wild.

what about the old man musa hitam, what a pathetic sight of him insulting the rakyat's intelligence trying to justify the take-over.

musa coined the term 'elegant silence', when dolah was riding high, more of taking a swipe at dr m than anything else. well.. 'elegant clueless' is more apt for dolah now n musa sure is an 'elegant kadam' doing the bidding for dolah n kin in the ijn take-over.

umno is really tempting their fate if they go through with this.

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