Tuesday, January 6, 2009

motherf$%kers going thro with it

folks! last nite i joined a group of amateur rakyat pundits talking about another brick in the wall (abitw) blog newsbreak earlier at our neighbourhood mamak, on the outcome of the ijn take-over meeting at epu.

most of us r 40-something men that look like a bypass waiting to happen n most of us r beleaguered entreprenuer as such RM challenged, so we got a lot riding on the issue.

seems epu is insisting on the ijn take-over but mof is against it. thot abitw also mentioned sime darby was not even in the meeting, epu was speaking on their behalf.. what the hell!!

well folks! looks like it is going to b a battle of will between dolah n najib, everyone knows epu is under the pm department ie. dolah n mof is under najib.

dolah n interested parties r making use of the issue to make things difficult for najib. the issue blew up in najib's face with the kt by-election looming n of coz there is the election for umno top dawgs this coming march.

musa hitam leading the band of robbers is just another way of him taking a swipe at dr m for the hurt not becoming pm n make tons of money at the same time. ijn was dr m effort.

things r not over for dolah, the fat lady have not even made the stage yet for him. he is using all lever of power at his disposal making sure things r where he wants it to be if he has to leave at all.

his kadams from out of nowhere r doing well in nominations for key umno top dawgs positions. the kt by-election was an opportune time to announce the ijn take-over to mess things up a bit for najib.

najib putting it on hold dampen the effect a bit but dolah did not let it rest, thus the rush by epu insisting to go ahead with the take-over.

for dolah the upside is, if najib messed things up he might not be such a shoo-in after all for THE top dawg post. he'll be president all right but he'll probably b surrounded by dolah lackeys, there'll b a coup of sort.

someone already float the idea umno president n the the country's pm can b two different man.

the non-malay leaders would b drooling at such a delicious prospect, they got a pm they can jerked around, the one that they have been jerking around all this while.

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