Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bon-voyage to oblivion

Najib has his work cut-out for him.

He got to reverse the inertia that has started that hasten UMNO bon-voyage to oblivion. It started when UMNO lost the KT by-election.

The rakyat have shown that they can no longer tolerate the liberty UMNO has taken insulting their intelligence. The choice of candidate for the KT by-election was a classic example. 

Najib has allowed Dolah his choice of candidate and it was a big mistake. No amount of wang ehsan or development have appeased the rakyat.

Najib task is clear. He got to stop the dilly-dally and deal with UMNO leadership issue, read Dolah departure, the 'selumbar' in UMNO ass, firmly. Time to do away with the finesse, lay all the cards down, start kicking asses and take care of biz. 

Time to get really bloody and start with the chopping, anything that smells Dolah got to go.

UMNO folks are in the pits. Did I hear right? Khaled Nordin bowing and kissing KJ's hand? What the f$%k has UMNO politicians come down to? 

The thought of Ali Rustam, Mat Taib, Zahid Hamidi, Khaled Nordin and the like leaders wannabes, bozos all, in UMNO highest office against the sophistication of PR top leadership, makes one want to roll on the floor and laugh one's ass off. 

Najib got to do the needful and pray he will be president of a still relevant UMNO.

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