Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the heat is on..

dato liow tiong lai health minister and newly elected mca vp have exercise the clout of his new office by putting the heat on imam hadhari 's ass asking for abolishment of bumiputera 30% equity in public listed companies.

this have been the story of imam hadhari administration, being jerked around by bn component parties especially the chinese based parties with one demand after another regarding the social contract, not to mention the opposition especially dap. often times one would find it difficult to differentiate between dap and these chinese based bn component parties.

dr mahathir is quick to reply in effect saying go fly kite and mukhriz his son and also leading contender for the umno youth head post have also give more or less same kind comment. pesaka a malay ngo have gone extreme asking for the health minister to be sacked.

so far imam hadhari is with his elegant silence. i would suggest to khairy rather than asking mukhriz for a debate, flush your 'setiakawan' slogan down the toilet, let's hear your stand on this.

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  1. al wahabi... bilo mana laks kao jadi ahli politik ni... jangan torlobih 'gorak' dah ah...