Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The antics of Karpal and son

This Karpal is one arrogant s.o.b. 

He once said the Singh in his last name means lion as if to remind everyone don't mess with him, he can take on anyone. The fact that he is a kick-ass lawyer makes him all the more formidable.

He revel at the fact and make a proud show of it, always loud and full of dramatics especially when engaging himself against anything Malay/Muslim. The Malay/Muslim special privileges seems to be the only stumbling block to his DAP Malaysian Malaysia ideal. 

He just cannot deal with the fact that this country is not a barren land before his lot landed here and that the Malay/Muslim are the kingmaker and making themselves king here. 

He already flushed the Malay/Muslim PAS down the toilet when he crudely said.. over my dead body regarding hudud. But the Malay/Muslim UMNO is a different kettle of fish altogether.

It must be especially galling to him, that these seemingly mediocre Malays even with their apparent weakness and unpopularity were able to run rings round the PR ears resulting in the fall of the 10 month old Perak PR government to the BN.

True to form Karpal wanted to sue Sultan Azlan Shah for what seems to be a no brainer decision for the Sultan to make i.e. not dissolving the Perak state assembly. Of coz its not for any legal advantage he has, he has none whatsoever, but more to be a hero testing the limit of what the law can offer and the accompanying brouhaha not to mention the insult he will be inflicting to the Malay Royal Institution would be a big boost to his ego. 

Anwar knows the sensitivity of the Malays and realise it can backfire badly on the PR and balk at providing the sendiwara accompaniment to add to Karpal bangra. As a result Karpal went ballistics hitting out at Anwar and all the PR leadership.

Karpal has really bitten more than he can chew. The Malays are after his ass, there are 100 or so police report against him for insulting the Sultan and he has been abandoned by the PR leadership to pursue the cause alone such that he hesitate, until today he has not file the suit against the Sultan.

Ego bruised and stuck in a tight corner, he tried to deflect the issue to Pemuda UMNO. With great bravado he accused Pemuda UMNO in Parliament earlier today of sending the two bullets he received in an envelope. In lieu of proof he offered the unparliamentary words 'Pemuda UMNO yang celaka'. Karpal know his law enough not to make the accusation outside parliament.

And like a chip off the old block, Karpal son Gobind also in parliament earlier today suggest we have a direct election for the PM post. It really is a snub to the Agong's role in appointing the PM and Nazri responded saying that's bodering on treason or something to the effect.

These people are taking a lot of liberty on their parliamentary immunity touching on sensitive issues. They are getting on a lot of people nerves and there are already bullets..

Karpal and son are lucky that we are a constitutional monarchy today. With the Sultans of the old, their antics would have got them 'sula'ed i.e. have a kris or spear shove up their asses.

Pak Lah..! maybe there's one last kopek before you go.. you should give these jokers free lodging plus 3 square meals a day compliment of His Majesty's government.

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