Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Karpal's foot in mouth disease

The Malays are after Karpal's ass. They want him charge with ISA or be strip of his citizenship.

Numerous police reports have been filed and the police have started investigation and the result will be forwarded to the AG. The AG will determine whether they have a case against Karpal.

Many experts have said the Sultan's discretionary power to dismiss the Perak MB is not contestable in court. If the experts are correct and Karpal insist on suing the Sultan then he is deem to be insulting the Sultan and can be charge.

Karpal has said he wants to sue the Sultan and said he can do it according to the law but he missed the Tuesday dateline. 

Karpal seems hesitant.. he knows he got his foot in his mouth, he's going after the Sultan alone, left high and dry with no cheerleading from his PR gang and the Malays are after his ass.

May be he just need more time to go though his law books with fine tooth comb to be sure of his case.

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