Thursday, February 5, 2009

anwar's bogeyman..

ppl hv put najib's seemingly smooth rise 2 the top more 2 his pedigree than anything else.

the malays hv such reverence n put a premium 2 one's pedigree when electing a leader n najib being tun razak's son has a pedigree second 2 none. that his cousin hishamuddin is a shoo-in 4 umno vp post seems 2 attest 2 this. there r many other instances.

this somewhat obscure the fact that najib is a highly capable minister n has performed well in every ministries he has been in, got an astute sense of judgment betting on dr m when dr m went head 2 head with ku li 4 the umno president post, n sense of timing putting his foot down at right time 2 set a date 2 get pak lah packing in march.

no amount of goading even from the great dr m 2 act b4 that got him moving, that might b a move 2 soon n compromise his position.

probably most obscure is the fact that najib is a master strategist. seems everytime he went head 2 head with anwar, he has always out-maneuvered anwar or at least neutralize his move.

one can recall early in anwar's umno vp career in an effort 2 preempt any rivals threat, he tried 2 pin a khalwat charge with a popular singer on najib but najib brushed it off n came out of it unscathed 2 continue his steady rise. rahim tambychik n few others of coz got buried.

not too long ago, anwar seems 2 hv put najib between a rock n a hard place when raja petra kamarudin comes out with his fantastic statutory declaration implicating najib's wife rosmah in the altantunya case. well.. najib made a gem of a comeback in the form of saiful n got anwar really 'masak'. the court case is due very soon n it seems quite probable the court will b anwar's waterloo. 

it is just plain luck that saiful suddenly appear out of anwar camp singing at the opportune time or najib is 3 or 4 steps ahead of anwar in the game?

n now in perak.. the joyous mood of PR ppl over umno's nasarudin hashim leap frogging their way hv not even died down when 'whaaamm..' the PR ppl don't know what hit them as they watch helplessly 4 frogs leap in the opposite direction, including the first frog, a champion frog this nasarudin hashim. 

a najib has hit them that's what. 

hmm.. can't help but wonder whether  nasarudin leap frog the PR way in the first instance was staged.. probably a nudged 2 get tajol rosli 2 resign the umno state chief position to pave way 4 a najib take over.

if there's ever any doubt, najib hv really drill it in 2 anwar, the PR leadership n everyone else that he is not a 'bodo'wi n is a pm-in-waiting going 4 the pm job 2 stay. 

najib hv become anwar's bogeyman.

watch out for najib's umno..

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