Thursday, February 12, 2009

Karpal chicken out!

Guess what..? Read this, I m not 2 sure if its true.

If it is, seems Karpal has gone thro his law books with fine tooth comb n now he's really not sure of his case. 

I would guess even if the case present less than 1/2 chances he would proceed to sue anyway, the publicity n the impression he gives on how big his balls r in suing the Sultan is priceless to him win or lose. 

But alas! The Malays r after his ass n Sultan Azlan Shah is not the run-of-the-mill Sultan, he was one of the country's former Lord President, it was Karpal's misfortune that frogs starts leaping in Perak. Now the story is in Selangor an ADUN have gone missing, this usually happens b4 an ADUN metamorphosize into frog, but I m digressing.

Most important Karpal is without the PR 'sendiwara' troupe n leading actor Anwar Ibrahim. The drama they create in this kind situatution to ferment FUD* n shape public perception, heck! probably even the bench, would b a great help. Anwar is that good an actor ok!

So.. Karpal chicken out!

* Fear, Uncertainty n Doubt

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