Monday, February 9, 2009

Karpal blew his top

I was wrong when I wrote earlier that Karpal suing the Sultan is a unlateral DAP decision. Now it is clear that it is a unilateral Karpal decision.

Anwar has come out and said PR will not sue the Sultan. He knows better than to tempt his fate ignoring the sensitivities of the Malays with regards to the Malay Rulers Institution by suing the Sultan. He rather stick to his tried and true modus-operandi creating FUD - fear, uncertainty and doubt, puppeteering the PR rowdies stampede on the streets, giving the finger to royals and desecrating royals website. 

It was the Malays at the fringe of BN, that deserted the BN in the last general election bcoz  'bodo'wism makes them sick, that helped PR won Perak. These are not the PR loyalists, the rowdies or the taksub kind, these are the substantial Malays you would not want to alienate and whose intelligence you would not want to insult. These are the Malays who will be very pissed if their Sultan got insulted. 

As it is, all of Anwar dramatics thus far that culminated in frogs leaping out on the PR which result in the fall of the PR government in Perak have cost him a lot in terms of credibility. If there is a snap election now, the chances for BN is probably even if not better. In the longer term if the new MB really kick asses, Perak is a good as gone for PR.

Karpal is gung-ho about suing the Sultan however a long shot his case. The fact that he got to face the Sultan alone mano e mano, being left high and dry without any support fromm Anwar, the PR and probably the DAP too, really got him seething in anger. He is already facing backlash from the Malays, in keeping to the maxim "do unto others.." some Malay leaders are proposing to look into the grey area of stripping his citizenship for his pursuing the grey area of questioning the Sultan's discretions in dismissing the MB.

The prospect of it all must have been too much for Karpal and he just snapped..  Karpal blew his top! 

Shit really hit the fan, everybody kena, Anwar, PAS, both DAP father and son Lims, DAP top leadership, all..

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