Thursday, February 5, 2009

some thots..

well.. the fat lady has sings on the PR government in perak.

some interesting thots:

this huge hue n cry over frogs in perak sets me into thinking what if somewhere along the line let's say PAS pull out of the PR coalition, n form a coalition with BN would PAS be considered a party of frogs? if it is not how's that's different from the frogs we have now that have topple the PR government in perak? i see no different.. the 3 frogs want out of their current party n r now a party of bebas frogs in the dewan n want to align themselves with the BN. seems to me all this sudden ostracism of frogs is just self serving talk.

we will see anwar at his best rabble-rousing 100,000 PR loyalists n curious onlookers in a gathering organized as a show of strength n probably as a slight to sultan azlan shah decision not to dissolve the state assembly, if that's really the case he don't know what he is getting into. seems to suit him well, he is loud, crude and hv a flair for the dramatics but thus far got nothing to show result wise as oppose to najib's quiet, unassuming n with much finesse.. but as the PR ppl in perak already learn..  deadly!.

khalid ibrahim watch yr back..!

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