Saturday, February 14, 2009

And the Sultan have spoken..

The situation is rather fluid politically in the country at the moment. 

ADUNs went missing here and there and since nowadays it seems this is the pre-requisite for ADUNs metamorphizing into frogs, everyone is full of anticipation. 

In Kedah, the PKR manage to catch a load of one of its ADUN shit coming their way before it hit the fan. They manage to get the ADUN to resign and bundled him off to a safe hideout in Mumbai someplace. 

In the meantime, they tried to turn their defensive position into an offensive by getting the ADUN to sign a Statuory Declaration saying the BN tried to entice him to be frog. The "best defense is offense" or so some wise guy said.

In Selangor, a PKR ADUN went missing for an uncomfortable period of time - enough for Khalid Ibrahim to call for a meeting read roll-call of all PR ADUNs. The ADUN later said he was in his constituency all the while, and no he was not involved in khalwat as speculated.

All seeming recaltirant PR ADUNs - likely frog candidates, in some form of trouble or other with their leaderships, came out and reaffirmed their non-frog position. But seriously, for Selangor to do a 'Perak', 9 PR ADUNs have to leap frog, seems too many for it to happen.

And the Sultan of Selangor have spoken.. in a carefully but strongly worded statement, he condemned those who insulted Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak and the Malay Rulers Institution. He is good as telling Khalid Ibrahim if Selangor ever do a 'Perak', don't ever get any idea of doing a 'Nizar'.

By the way, tommorrow there will be a gathering in front of the Istana Kayangan to submit a memorandum of support for the Sultan statement, read details here.

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