Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pak Lah's last kopeks?

What the duck..! the Labu airport project is still alive and kicking, saw it in TV3 news earlier this evening. 

I guess Tony put up his best kelentong to the power that be, though probably not for long now, for the project to still see the light of day. 

This after all the ravings and rantings from the public and what seems to be Najib's intervention to put an end to the project. It will be interesting to see the follow-up on the issue.

Is this Dollah's last kopeks before he goes, if ever? 

The tough economic conditions must be taking its toll, the son must be badly in need of a project to tide over the hard times, Scomi is going to do the construction or so the story goes.

A brother-in-law already got a fat deal from Mindef here.

IJN..? Hope it stays dead, the privatisation I mean, but with this Labu turn of events we'll never know. 

Heck! with the current going-ons in the country, I wonder if we ever know. 

My Labu poster is up again.

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